Featured on this month's Cassette is Dan Taylor from WYNY-FM in New York and subject of this month's R.A.P. Interview. Dan sent us a demo with some of his classics from the past and some new stuff, too. Check it out, Cut 1, Side 1. Also, keep the ears open for cut 4 on the Promo side. M.J. Kelli of WNVZ-FM in Virginia Beach says this was done on a 4-track without a sampler! (OK M.J., time to fess up! How'd you do it?) As promised, we made some room on the Commercial side for some sweepers & positioning statements. Featured are David Sands of KIIK-FM, Davenport; Ed Brown at KSHE-FM, St. Louis; and Joel Moss, Prodo Guy at WEBN-FM, Cincinnati.


Cut 1 - Sweeper & Promos from Dan Taylor/WYNY-FM, New York
Cut 2 - "Earthquake" from Brian James/X100, San Francisco
Cut 3 - "Your Radio" from Sandy Thomas/WXDJ-FM, The Wave in Miami
Cut 4 - "Cash Sweepstakes" from M.J. Kelli/WNVZ-FM, Virginia Beach
Cut 5 - "KDF 1/2 Price Fair" from Glenn Miller/WKDF-FM, Nashville
Cut 6 - "Maggie Thatcher" from Matt Shafer Powell/WLAV-FM, Grand Rapids
Cut 7 - "Reagan's MO" bit from Scoop Daniels/WIRK/WPBG, West Palm Beach
Cut 8 - "Radio Reunion" from Jeff Richards/KQMJ-FM, Tulsa
Cut 9 - "Ski Day" from Pete Jensen/KZZU-FM, The Zoo in Spokane
Cut 10 - "Porche Giveaway" from Jeff Shade & Joey DiFazio/WFAN-AM, New York
Cut 11 - "The Defector" from Ed Brown/KSHE-FM, St. Louis
Cut 12 - "Pink Zepplin" from Kevin Casey/KGMG-FM, Magic 102 in San Diego


Cut 1 - "Greatest/Latest" from David Sands, KIIK-FM, Davenport
Cut 2 - "Ready, Aim, Fire" from Ed Brown/KSHE-FM, St. Louis
Cut 3 - Drops, Sweeps, etc. from Joel Moss/WEBN-FM, Cincinnati


Cut 4 - "Tesla" from Glenn Miller/WKDF-FM, Nashville
Cut 5 - "X-statics" from Gary Moore/X100, San Francisco
Cut 6 - "Camelot Apts." from Young Jim Strawn/KZYP-FM, Pine Bluff, Ark.
Cut 7 - "Wing Hut" from Terry Slane/WIRK/WPBG, West Palm Beach
Cut 8 - "Ross's" from David Sands/KIIK-FM, Davenport
Cut 9 - "Bates Pest Control" from Bill Reitler/KWIZ-FM, Orange County, CA
Cut 10 - "Crickets" from Ken Dixon/BJ-105, Orlando
Cut 11 - "Taylor Pontiac" from Ed Bostic/WHLO-AM, Akron, OH
Cut 12 - "Bowlin'" from Matt Shafer Powell/WLAV-FM, Grand Rapids
Cut 13 - "Britt Chrysler" - Dick Richie & Liz Yates/WFLS, Fredericksburg, VA
Cut 14 - "Personal Touch" from Karl Gruber/WHOK/WLOH, Columbus, OH
Cut 15 - "Oui Deliver" from Michael Martin/WMYS/WNBH, New Bedford, MA