The Japanese firm Taiyo Yuden recently revealed their newrecordable CD. The compact disc can be recorded onto only once, but this shouldn't limit its possibilities in production too much. (CD masters?) The company claims a storage capacity well over twice that of regular CD's. Look for all the hype in a couple of months. (What about my DAT?)

Joel Moss at WEBN, Cincinnati reports new studios for the station. His room features a Wheatstone SP-6 console, 2 Otari MTR-10's, an Otari MX-70 8-track, Eventide's H949, the Yamaha SPX-90, Orban EQ and compression, and more on the way!

Coming soon to Radio And Production, the original Raul the Taxman: "We don't need no stinking taxes, man!" -- Ole!

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