We kick off side A with a few cuts from Dan Popp, subject of this month's interview. Also on side A, a couple of promos from SA*FM in Unley, South Australia; some Halloween promos; and a few sweepers from Joel Moss/WEBN in Cincinnati and Kevin Casey & Tom Versen/Magic 102.1 in San Diego. The sweepers from Joel were for WRBT in Evansville, IN, and aired a week prior to a format change. PRIVATE

On side B, look for two spots for Petrus from Keith Eubanks ("Mr. Clubspot") at Power 99 in Atlanta. Also, note that Tom Versen and some of his musician friends did the jingle for cut 8, Insurance Express. There are plenty of other great spots, and Side B wraps up with a "Kennedy Emotionalizer" from Ron Erak of Grace Media. This piece was done a couple of years ago for K-Best in Seattle and was aired during the anniversary of Kennedy's assassination.

Side A: Promos/Sweepers

1. Composite from Dan Popp/WHLO-AM, Akron, OH
2. "Rocktober" from Mark Murphy/SA*FM, Unley, South Australia
3. "Movies" from Paul Brokensha/SA*FM, Unley, South Australia
4. "Haunted House" from Glenn Miller/WKDF, Nashville, TN
5. "Haunted Car Wash" from Chip Mapoles/WABB-AM&FM, Mobile, AL
6. "Haunted Car Wash" from Rich Van Slyke/Kiss-98, Buffalo, NY
7. "Power Switch" from Eric Chase & Larry Whitt/Power 104, Houston, TX
8. "When News Breaks Out" from James L. Jones/WHIO-AM, Dayton, OH
9. "Time Bomb" from Pete Jensen/KZZU-FM, Spokane, WA
10. "12 Days of Christmas" from Michael R. Terry/WSOC-FM, Charlotte, NC
11. Three sweepers for WRBT, Evansville, IN by Joel Moss/WEBN, Cincinnati, OH
12. Three sweepers from Kevin Casey & Tom Versen/Magic 102.1, San Diego, CA

Side B: Commercials

1. "Salty Fisherman" from Paul Lewis & John Linton/WZZD-AM, Philadelphia, PA
2. "Petrus #1" from Keith Eubanks/Power 99, Atlanta, GA
3. "Petrus #2" from Keith Eubanks/Power 99, Atlanta, GA
4. "Bulbs Etc." from Gary Owen/KMGL-FM, Oklahoma City, OK
5. "Regal Paints" from Dick Richey/WFLS-AM&FM, Fredericksburg, VA
6. "Bayou Mama" from Larry Whitt & Eric Chase/Power 104, Houston, TX
7. "Granada Furniture" from Rick Santos/KTAO-FM, Taos, NM
8. "Insurance Express" from Tom Versen & friends/Magic 102.1, San Diego, CA
9. "Purina Dog Chow" from Chip Mapoles/WABB-AM&FM, Mobile, AL
10. "Rugby's Toys" from Rich Van Slyke/Kiss-98, Buffalo, NY
11. "Monroe Insulation" with intro from David Roberts/WVOR-FM, Rochester, NY
12. "Kennedy Emotionalizer" from Ron Erak/Grace Media for K-Best, Seattle, WA

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