There's some good news and some more good news. The good news is that we have the winning spots and promos from the Firsty Awards on this month's Cassette. The other good news is that the response for tapes for this month's Cassette looks like our best yet; however, since the Cassette is mostly Firsty winners, your tapes will be held for the September Cassette. So, if you sent in a tape last month, no need to submit another one this month. If you didn't, you have a few more weeks to get one in for the September Cassette.

Side one features work from Joel Moss, subject of this month's interview, followed by the Firsty promo winners. Side two features the commercial winners. In the Commercial Campaign category, we used only one of several of the spots submitted for the award. Finally, on this side, is a sample of the Brainspeak sounds from FirstCom's Maximum Impact library.


1) Composite of work from Joel Moss, WEBN-FM, Cincinnati, OH
FIRSTY AWARD WINNERS - "Station Promotion" category:
2) Winner Major Market: "Earthquake" - Brian James, X-100, San Francisco, CA
3) 2nd Place Major Market: "Klatch Sisters Coffee" - Bob London/Jim Doyle, KEZK/WKLL, St. Louis, MO
4) 3rd Place Major Market: "Winners" - Greg MacArthur/Steve Weed, KMGI/KIXI, Seattle, WA
5) Winner Medium Market: "Stereo Check" - Bumper Morgan, WYHY-FM, Nashville, TN
6) 2nd Place Medium Market: "Beach Bash" - Glenn Miller, WKDF, Nashville, TN
7) 3rd Place Medium Market: "Key Tag" - The Bear, MIX-106, Richmond, VA
8) Winner Secondary Market: "104 Days" - Daryl Missen/Sean Pickwell/Holger Brockman, FM104.7, Canberra, Australia
9) 2nd Place Secondary Mkt: "Show Us Your Sign" - Jim Cook/Dave Calin/Ray Ottis/T. Rodrigues, Jet-FM102, Erie, PA
10) 3rd Place Secondary Market: "Blues Cruise" - Jim Wright/Joel Bolton/Tom VanSant, WIZN-FM, Burlington, VT


FIRSTY AWARD WINNERS - "Single Commercial" category:
1) Winner Major Market: "Hamburger" - Greg Fadick, Y108, Denver, CO
2) 2nd Place Major Market: "The Revenger" - Greg Wilfahrt/Tony Pepper/Mark Larson, KFMB, San Diego, CA
3) 3rd Place Major Market: "Carrz" - Larry Whitt/Dave Redeman/Eric Leikem, KRBE-FM, Houston, TX
4) Winner Medium Market: "Jim Shaheen Chevy/Get Away Sale" - John Glavin/Jim Owen, WKLQ, Grand Rapids, MI
5) 2nd Place Medium Market: "Sheldon Tuxedo" - Matt Powell, WLAV-FM, Grand Rapids, MI
6) 3rd Place Medium Market: "Donny Dustmite" - Jeff Richards, Magic 99, Tulsa, OK
7) Winner Secondary Market: "Super Duper West" - Ron Arlen, WXKC/WRIE, Erie, PA
8) 2nd Place Secondary Market: "Chippewa Springs Water" - Rick Calvert, WBIZ/WEUZ, Eau Claire, WI
9) 3rd Place Secondary Market: "Husson's Large" - Kate Summer/Ron Allan/T.J. Stevens, WVSR-AM/FM, Charleston, WV
FIRSTY AWARD WINNERS - "Commercial Campaign" category:
10) Winner Major Market: "Car Tunes" - Dennis Daniel, WBAB-FM, Babylon, NY
11) Winner Med. Market: "Bob Sight Linc/Merc" - Phil West/Paul Terry/Michelle Jones, KUDL/WHB, Kansas City, KS
12) Winner Secondary Mkt: "Skyfire #1" - Daryl Missen/Sean Pickwell/Holger Brockman, FM-104.7, Canberra, Australia
13) This last cut is a sample of "Brainspeak" sounds we received from FirstCom. These sounds are the subject of this month's feature article and are part of FirstCom's new library, Maximum Impact.

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