We're pleased to present another Cassette filled with excellent work! On the PROMO side, we feature work from Rick Allen, Production Director at WQHT-FM, New York, and subject of this month's R.A.P. Interview. And call the PD in to hear cut 15; Bumper Morgan illustrates why Y-107 is known as "The Outrageous FM". (By the way, congrats to Bumper and wife Kim on their new baby boy, Christopher James, born Saturday night, March 4th!!!)

The COMMERCIAL side sounds like our best ever! A special note on cut 13: Jim Little, KKMJ Austin, produced the entire spot, music and all, with live musicians & vocalists! (There's plenty of those in Austin.) Also, cut 14 is from our first Canadian subscriber, David Williams of MID OCEAN RECORDING in Winnipeg. Even though this spot comes from a large recording studio and not a radio station, we couldn't resist sharing the excellent work with you. Welcome aboard David!


Cut 1 - Sweeper collage from Rick Allen/WQHT-FM, New York
Cut 2 - Promo from Rick Allen/WQHT-FM, New York
Cut 3 - Promo from Rick Allen/WQHT-FM, New York
Cut 4 - Promo from Rick Allen/WQHT-FM, New York
Cut 5 - "Lost Classic Line" - Mick McCabe/KLSX-FM, Los Angeles
Cut 6 - "Feedback Line" - Larry Mondello/KTKU-FM, Juneau, Alaska
Cut 7 - "Beatles Weekend" - Bill Reitler/KWIZ-FM, Orange County, Calif.
Cut 8 - "Aruba/Cancun Winners" - Eric Gordon/WZOU-FM, Boston, MA
Cut 9 - "Grand Rapids" - Matt Powell/WLAV-FM, Grand Rapids, MI
Cut 10 - "Sweat Shirts" - Joel Moss/WEBN-FM, Cincinnati, OH
Cut 11 - "Classic 5 Intro" - Don Gosselin/WHJJ/WHJY, Providence, RI
Cut 12 - "$100,000 Grapevine Teaser" - Tom Ciula/WMJI-FM, Cleveland, OH
Cut 13 - "$100,000 Grapevine Winner" - Tom Ciula/WMJI-FM, Cleveland, OH
Cut 14 - "Summer Shades" - Ed Brown/KSHE-FM, St. Louis, MO
Cut 15 - "Arbitron Watch" - Bumper Morgan/WYHY-FM, Nashville, TN
Cut 16 - "Street Hits" - Gary Moore/KXXX-FM, San Francisco, CA


Cut 1 - "Taylor Made Golf" - Kevin Casey/KGMG-AM/FM, San Diego, CA
Cut 2 - "Montrose Chrysler Plymouth" - Ed Bostic/WHLO-AM, Akron, OH
Cut 3 - "Magic Time Machine" - Roy Scivally/KZPS-FM, Dallas, TX
Cut 4 - "Super Duper West" - Ron Arlen/WXKC-FM, Erie, PA
Cut 5 - "Daytona Beach College" - Ken Dixon/BJ105, Orlando, FL
Cut 6 - "Dental Specialists" - Ken Dixon/BJ105, Orlando, FL
Cut 7 - "Homelite" - Tommy Tucker/WOW-AM/FM, Omaha, NE
Cut 8 - "Friar Tux Shops" - Bill Reitler & Rick Alan/KWIZ, Orange County, CA
Cut 9 - "Jiffy Delivery" - Ed Brown/KSHE-FM, St. Louis, MO
Cut 10 - "Western Steakhouse" - Dick Richie/WFLS-AM/FM, Fredericksburg, VA
Cut 11 - "Trivia Hotline" - Jeff Shade/Joey DiFazio/WFAN-AM, New York, NY
Cut 12 - "Coasters" - Don Gosselin/WHJY/WHJJ, Providence, RI
Cut 13 - "Pizza Hut" - Jim Little/KKMJ-FM, Austin, TX
Cut 14 - "Pasquale's Rest." - David Williams/MID OCEAN RECORDING, Winnipeg


June 01, 2008 6179
by Steve Cunningham We last reviewed Magix’s Samplitude software editor three years ago (see RAP May 2005). Since then the program has undergone two significant upgrades, each adding more functions to what was already a strong...