Master Plan 400pxMASTER PLAN, a complete high end mastering workflow designed for maximum ease of use and a no-compromise approach to professional quality, just got even better: the Musik Hack team proudly announces version 1.5.

Master Plan has made a name for itself as the go-to mastering solution, consistently beating the competition, including mastering services, other plugins or even mastering engineers. Developed by Grammy-nominated producer/engineer Stan Greene and composer/plug-in developer Samuel Fischmann, MASTER PLAN impresses with crystal clear loudness, rich, analog saturation, phase-coherent imaging, physical tape emulation, and extra tools to fix and monitor your mix. It's great for hobbyists but also for the pros, for example it was just used on all 19 tracks of Busta Rhymes' new album.

The new version impresses with a brand new look and a ton of new features:


  • Gentle mid-range EQ with three different band options
  • Much larger interface for hi-def displays
  • Improved monitoring for phone and N-10
  • Instead of on/off, LUFS targets are now adjustable on the settings screen from -18 (atmos) -14 (streaming target), -8 (radio), and more on the settings screen
  • Loudness metering for Peak, LUFS-M, or target-adjusted LUFS-M
  • Clipping indicators, along with median and maximum clip metrics
  • Better preset management and export to individual files (along with bug fixes for long names and names with special (non-latin) characters)
  • Buttons to quickly scroll through presets

Master Plan v1.5 will install as a completely separate plugin from older versions of Master Plan. If you’re already running an earlier version, you will now have access to two versions of MP in your DAW. This is to ensure that all prior sessions won’t be disrupted by the changes on this latest version.


  • Interface size is now on the settings screen only
  • Reordered settings


Master Plan 1.5 is available at an introductory price of $122 or with a rent-to-own option of five monthly payments of $25 (reg. $175). More info at The update is free for all existing users.