SuperRack LiveBox 400pxWaves Audio announces the SuperRack LiveBox, enabling a seamless solution to run VST3 plugins by any brand, in one simple user-friendly box, including Dante®/MADI connectivity options.

Waves SuperRack LiveBox brings the power of studio-grade VST3 plugins by all manufacturers (Waves and others) to any live production or broadcast—complete with Dante®/MADI connectivity options, unrivaled ultra-low latency, and the reliable industry-standard Waves SuperRack Performer audio plugin host, all in one robust 2U rack-mountable box.

SuperRack LiveBox gives live sound engineers and creative artists access to all their favorite audio plugins, all running natively on a turn-key device that’s quick and easy to set up in any live setting.

LiveBox’s combination of hardware and software is carefully optimized to run plugins efficiently and reliably. Simply hook up the LiveBox to a console and start mixing—no complex setup needed. The inclusion of Dante®/MADI connectivity options ensures that users are good to go in all popular live console setups. Optional dual power supply provides power redundancy for extra reliability in any setting.

The Waves SuperRack Performer plugin host included in SuperRack LiveBox is the same proven, rock-solid live plugin control software used by thousands of live sound engineers in shows and broadcasts of all sizes. With all the familiar features of SuperRack Performer in place, SuperRack LiveBox offers live and broadcast engineers convenient pinpoint control of all their VST3 plugins, including those from Waves and all other plugin developers.

To learn more about Waves SuperRack LiveBox, click here.


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