Mackie DLZ Creator XS 400pxMackie is pleased to introduce the new DLZ Creator XS, a slimmed-down version of the popular and highly-rated DLZ Creator all-in-one content creation studio. Designed for podcasters and streamers who need fewer inputs and outputs, DLZ Creator XS delivers the same broadcast-quality results as the larger DLZ Creator, regardless of the user’s experience level.

Mix Agent™ software works like a built-in audio engineering assistant, guiding users through each step of the setup process, from setting input gain to configuring headphone outputs. AutoMix functionality enables each speaker to be heard clearly, even during crosstalk, keeping the main output level consistent. DLZ Work Modes (Easy, Enhanced and Pro) transform how you interact with DLZ Creator XS, from the preset-based Easy mode to the fully hands-on Pro mode which gives the user total control. Regardless of the mode used, the results from the DLZ Creator XS are spectacular — just like the original DLZ Creator.

The new DLZ Creator XS features two high-quality Onyx80 mic preamps with up to 80 dB of gain and two headphone outputs, while the original DLZ Creator has four of each. This design makes DLZ Creator XS the perfect solution for a solo podcaster with a guest, a two-host YouTube show or any application where four mics and headphones are unnecessary. With a 7” touchscreen and compact knobs instead of faders, DLZ Creator XS also takes up less precious desk space.

Otherwise, the new Mackie DLZ Creator XS is the same professional digital audio solution as DLZ Creator, meeting the needs of today’s content creators with unmatched versatility.

Connect all your playback and recording devices with dual 1/4-inch TRS inputs, a stereo smartphone input (3.5mm TRS) and Bluetooth® and USB inputs. Capture full multitrack audio to your computer via the integrated USB-C interface or record and playback directly to an external flash drive or the integrated SD card slot. You can even connect to pro video setups with NDI.

DLZ Creator XS ships with the latest DLZ firmware update from Mackie, expanding what’s possible with DLZ’s soft pads. In addition to triggering samples, the pads can now toggle the built-in FX on/off and they can activate controls like fade, duck and censor. More than just “sample” pads, these multi-colored surfaces are an entirely new way to interact with DLZ Creator, inspiring users to create in different ways.

Capturing detailed, impactful recordings is easier than ever with Mackie DLZ Creator, and the new DLZ Creator XS brings that ability to a wider variety of content creators, letting them choose the option that better matches their specific needs. For podcasts and streamers, Mackie DLZ Creator is still the solution — it’s just now available in two sizes!

DLZ Creator XS will be sold on and at participating retailers with a MAP of $499.99. Availability beginning January 2024. For more information about DLZ Creator XS visit


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