Shure SM7dB 400pxCloud Microphones has grown to prominence over the last decade with the rise of the original Cloudlifter Mic Activator, a high quality, no compromise audio tool that turns phantom power into ultra-clean gain for low output dynamic, ribbon, and tube microphones. The venerable Shure SM7B is one such microphone that benefits greatly from the gain of a Cloudlifter, and this combination has become a standard for many audio applications including music recording, podcasting, broadcasting, and voiceover work.

For the first time, Cloud has licensed their patented Cloudlifter technology, collaborating with Shure for the worldwide launch of the next generation of this great microphone, the SM7dB. This new mic incorporates a custom-designed built-in active preamp with technology licensed from Cloud Microphones and tuned by Shure specifically for the SM7dB, ensuring great audio for a variety of sources, from a whisper to a scream.

“The SM7B and Cloudlifter have been used in the same breath for many years now,” said Rodger Cloud, Founder and CEO of Cloud Microphones. “This license to Shure brings the quality and convenience of the technology into one package for the customer. We’re honored to be a part of the lineage of the iconic SM7 microphone.”

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About Cloud Microphones

Based in Tucson, Arizona, Cloud Microphones designs and manufactures high-quality ribbon microphones and the original Mic Activator: the Cloudlifter. Cloud has been the recipient of many industry awards as well as the prestigious Presidential “E” and “E-Star” awards, recognizing Cloud Microphones significant contribution to the expansion of US made exports. Cloud Microphones and Cloudlifters are made responsibly in the USA.