RAP-CD-logo-2Welcome to the January 2005 RAP CD. We start off with a demo from this months interview subject, Sean Bell at New Yorkshire Production Department in the UK. Promos fill out the next 12 tracks. Commercials start with track 14, which as Tami Reade notes: "is what happens when clients write their own commercials and the stations Creative Department gets into the eggnog." Al Peterson has some fun on track 20 with "a college vocal quartet, Adobe Audition, an EMU Proteus keyboard, a good ear for EQ and a little imagination." Al also offers up a bed on track 21 for anyone to use, perfect for the cold and flu season. Anthony Timmers gives us some more cool custom song intros from the Netherlands on track 22, and we wrap things up with five ear-grabbin sweeper montages. Nice work everyone! Thanks for supporting the RAP CD!

1. Sean Bell Demo, New Yorkshire Production Department, New Yorkshire, UK
2. WCBS Commuter Battle, Bill Tynan, WCBS-AM, New York, NY
3. Shop Till Ya Drop With Dubya, Brian Whitaker, KSTZ-FM, Des Moines, Iowa
4. Network Support Spot/Nursing Home, Lee Rugen, Moody Broadcasting, Chicago, Illinois
5. Smoke Alarm PSA, Doug Moorhouse, CJEZ-FM, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
6. One Voice/Vote, Derrick Jonzun, WALR-FM, Atlanta, Georgia
7. George Strait Promo, Garry "D", KNIX/KESZ, Phoenix, Arizona
8. Oldies Closures, Deborah Hopkins, Oldies 1090, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
9. Only Station That Rocks, Scott Clements, The Wolf, Regina, SK, Canada
10. Bob Job, Ian Seggie, BOB-FM, Winnipeg, Man., Canada
11. Hulk Double Shot Weekend, Chris Rice, KRXQ/KSEG, Sacramento, California
12. No Repeat Workday, Steve Thompson, Kool-FM, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
13. Intuition, Richard Stroobant, CJAY92/Vibe 98-5, Calgary, Alb., Canada
14. Bucks Auto Parts/Christmas, Tami Reade, Harvard Broadcasting, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
15. Uniglobe Action Travel, Celeste Grebinski, Lite 92 FM, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
16. Moody Magazine/Brainstorming, Lee Rugen, Moody Broadcasting, Chicago, Illinois
17. Wings over Albany, Andrew Frame, Renda Broadcasting of Southwest Florida
18. B&B Hydroponics, Rob Johnston, Corus Radio, Toronto, Canada
19. Difference of Opinion PSA, Sterling Tarrant, Focus on the Family, Colorado Springs, Colorado
20. Radio America Xmas Jingle, Franklin Raff/Alan Peterson, Radio America Network, Washington, DC
21. Winter Flu Season Bed, Alan Peterson, Radio America Network, Washington, DC
22. Ruuddewild.nl Radio 538 PowerIntros, Anthony Timmers, Radio 538, The Netherlands
23. The Storm Sweeper Montage, Chris Wrapson, Beacon FM, Wolverhampton, United Kingdom
24. Rock Block Starter Sweepers, Brian Whitaker, KAZR-FM, Des Moines, Iowa
25. Real People Sweepers, Johnny George, Susquehanna, Indianapolis, Indiana
26. Murphy in the Morning Sweepers, Jon Carter, Megahertz Studios, Greensboro, North Carolina
27. River Sweeper Montage, Carson Manette, CKEY/CFLZ/CJRN/CHQI, Niagara, Ontario, Canada

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