Music Production Suite 6 400pxNative Instruments announced Music Production Suite 6, which includes more than 30 plugins across NI, iZotope, and Brainworx product lines and new versions of flagship products Ozone, Nectar, and Guitar Rig. With industry leading mixing and mastering software used by top studios worldwide, Music Production Suite 6 features intuitive tools that speed up and simplify audio workflows, from first take to final mix.

Music Production Suite 6 leverages AI-powered processing to provide a customized starting point for every step of the creative journey, from balancing levels and effects to the final mastering polish. For example, quickly analyze and tone-match the sound of your favorite vocalist using Nectar 4’s Vocal Assistant. Or capture the sound of your favorite track with Ozone 11’s Mastering Assistant and receive suggested settings for width, dynamics, loudness, and more.

Inter-plugin communication streamlines workflows throughout the mixing process, allowing iZotope plugins to listen to each other to detect masking between tracks and vocals, suggest level balance settings, mix tracks visually, reference audio from any source, and much more.

Ozone 11 Advanced

Ozone 11 Advanced offers powerful new enhancements to provide a comprehensive mastering toolkit for artists and audio professionals alike. The new Clarity Module maximizes the spectral power of tracks, ensuring there are no dull mixes. Stem Focus uses AI to rescue problematic mixes by applying Ozone settings to isolated stems within the mix. Separate Transient/Sustain modes provide precise control and creative options for enhancement. Upward Compress delivers a detailed, dynamic sound, and Assistive Vocal Balance places vocals perfectly in the mix.

Nectar 4 Advanced

Nectar 4 makes it easier than ever to achieve professional-quality vocals with a suite of plugins that provide complete control over vocal sound. Access powerful tools such as the Auto-Level module for as an intelligent and transparent alternative to a compressor, the Voices module for effortless vocal layering and harmonic motion, the AI-powered Backer module for virtual background singers, and the Vocal Assistant for easy and powerful vocal production.

Guitar Rig 7 Pro

Guitar Rig 7 Pro is a creative effects playground packed with sought-after guitar and bass amps, studio effects, and pedals. Mix and match modules to sculpt tones, or create unique signal chains with over 100 new rack presets. Add analog texture and warmth to any track with four new lo-fi components. Explore fresh new amps and pedals powered by machine learning, as well as easy-to-use processing modules that open up endless possibilities for jamming, producing, and experimentation.

Additional plugins include:

  • Neutron 4: A complete suite for crafting professional mixes
  • RX 10 Standard: The industry standard in audio repair
  • Neoverb: The smartest reverb plugin for music producers
  • Tonal Balance Control 2: A powerful meter for balancing a mix
  • Insight 2: An intelligent metering suite for mixing, mastering, and post production
  • VocalSynth 2: Innovative effects for creative vocals
  • Audiolens: Easy track referencing from any music streaming platform
  • Exponential Audio Immersive Reverbs: Symphony 3D and Stratus 3D
  • Brainworx Creative Mixing Set: Bx_delay 2500, Bx_boom!, Bx_subsynth, Bx _cleansweep pro, Bx_refinement, Bx_saturator V2
  • Native Instruments effects: Raum, Crushpack, Modpack, Supercharger GT, Replika XT, Solid Mix Series, Transient Master, Driver

Pricing and availability

  • Music Production Suite 6, Ozone 11, Nectar 4, and Guitar Rig 7 Pro are now available on,, and from select retailers. Introductory pricing, where applicable, will last through October 11, 2023:
  • Music Production Suite 6: $449 USD introductory ($599 USD regular)
  • Ozone 11 Advanced: $299 USD introductory ($399 USD regular)
  • Ozone 11 Standard: $149 USD introductory ($199 USD regular)
  • Ozone 11 Elements: $39 USD introductory ($49 USD regular)
  • Nectar 4 Advanced: $224 USD introductory ($299 USD regular)
  • Nectar 4 Standard: $149 USD introductory ($199 USD regular)
  • Nectar 4 Elements: $39 USD introductory ($49 USD regular)
  • Guitar Rig 7 Pro $199 USD
  • Existing iZotope customers may be eligible for additional loyalty discounts on new products. Details can be found in the customer’s account on

About Native Instruments

For over 25 years, Native Instruments has been at the forefront of musical innovation. Our technology has revolutionized how people express themselves through sound, opening new creative horizons for amateurs and professionals alike and turning bedrooms into studios across the world.

Today we work to provide everyone access to the worlds of music production, audio engineering, and DJing. Our portfolio contains industry leading products such as Komplete, Kontakt, Maschine, and Traktor.

In June 2023, iZotope, Brainworx, and Plugin Alliance became part of Native Instruments, further strengthening the breadth of our offerings, the expertise on our team, and the potential to offer our community a streamlined customer experience. With our powers combined, we have engineering capabilities across integrated software and hardware, AI and machine learning, cloud, and more.

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