We begin Side A with a demo from Eddy Temple Morris/BBC Radio 1, London, this month's interview subject. There are several promos followed by six sweepers Eddy did with Who Did That Music in Los Angeles. Some of the promos were produced by Eddy, some by his partner, Jeremy Godfrey, and some by both of them. Crank the monitors! The rest of Side A is filled with several well done promos. Last month we asked for samples of work with music beds done "in house." We've got a few of these cuts on both sides. Look for the "m" next to a name to indicate who did the music.

Side B opens with audio for this month's Producer's VU column. Read then listen, or listen then read! There are several creative commercials to help spark those creative juices, and a holiday spoof spot from WYMG at cut 10. The rest of Side B is filled with several sweeper montages. There's some outstanding work here and a nice international flavor on both sides!

Side A

Cut 1 - Demo from Eddy Temple Morris/BBC Radio 1, London, England
Cut 2 - "Money and a Mustang" - Keith Smith(wp), Charlie Van Dyke(v)/K-EARTH, Los Angeles, California
Cut 3 - "Chicago Trip" - J.Thomas(w), J.Jordon(pm), B.James(v)/WSNX-FM, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Cut 4 - "Music Marathon" - Linc Kelly/Triple M, East Perth, Australia
Cut 5 - "X107 Thanksgiving" - Jeff Schmidt(wpv)/WRGX-FM, Hawthorn, New York
Cut 6 - "Olympics Trip Giveaway" - Brian Hartman(wpv)/WYMG-FM, Springfield, Illinois
Cut 7 - "Joe Cummings/Mornings" - Cummings(vm), Michaels(v), Timson(w), Jackman(p)/CHEZ-FM, Ottawa, Ontario
Cut 8 - "Thanksgiving Leftovers Weekend" - Todd(wpv), Surena(w), Johnson/Daniels(v)/WMMS-FM, Cleveland, Ohio
Cut 9 - "Melissa Ethridge" - Tim Cramer(p), Brian James(v)/WZPL-FM, Indianapolis, Indiana
Cut 10 - "Kids Caring For Kids" - Pat White/WIL-FM, St. Louis, Missouri
Cut 11 - "Live in Toronto" - Maclean(p), Weir(w), Spencer/Hughes/Vedder(v)/CFNY-FM, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Cut 12 - "Midmorning Munchies" - Andrew Frame(wp), Michael Sharkey(v)/WJBX-FM, Ft. Myers, Florida

Side B
Cut 1 - "Jones Boots" Producer's VU audio - Dennis McAtee/KKOW-AM/FM, Pittsburg, Kansas
Cut 2 - "Kayson" - Bob Kane(wpv)/WRGX-FM, Hawthorn, New York
Cut 3 - "Blacks Corners Motors" - Rogers/Dean(v), Timson(w), Youngs(p)
Cut 4 - "Acapulco Sams" - Ric Gonzalez/KISS/KSMG/KLUP, San Antonio, Texas
Cut 5 - "Celebration of Lights" - Pat White/WIL-FM, St. Louis, Missouri
Cut 6 - "Shaw Cable" - R.Johnston(p), J.Watson(w), The Brother(v)/CFNY-FM, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Cut 7 - "Mid America Products" - Moyers(wv), Markovitz(p), S.Burton/D.Burton/Duke(v)/KBMX, Osage Beach, MO
Cut 8 - "Capt. Jack's Tree Farm" - Campbell(mv), Rogers(pv), Dixon(vw), Pannier(v)/WHO/KLYF, Des Moines, Iowa
Cut 9 - "Compro" - Holly Buchanan/WMXB-FM, Richmond, Virginia
Cut 10 - "Christmas on NVC" spoof - B.Hartman(wpv), L.Willis(v)/WYMG-FM, Springfield, Illinois
Cut 11 - Sweepers/"Breakfast Show" - Ian Fish/Heart 100.7/Birmingham, England
Cut 12 - Sweepers - Dan Kennedy/KHOP/FM, Stockton, California
Cut 13 - Sweepers - R.Massie(w)/D.Hopkins(v)/P.White(p)/WIL-FM, St. Louis, Missouri
Cut 14 - Sweepers/"More of Today's Rock" - Jeff Schmidt(wpv)/WRGX-FM, Hawthorn, New York
Cut 15 - Sweepers - R.Pickett(wpv), R.Luce(v), M.Chase(v)/KKRH-FM, Portland, Oregon
Cut 16 - Sweepers - Jeff Thomas/Virgin FM, London, England

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