vcreative frequency partnership 400pxvCreative, the leading media workflow software provider for the broadcast industry, has announced today that it has partnered with Frequency, the audio ad management platform that provides better workflows and smarter delivery, to enable radio broadcasters with next-generation tools to produce, manage, and deliver contextually-relevant ad creative in radio.

Frequency uses data to control ad distribution, and delivers audio ads based on context and performance. These capabilities give broadcasters flexibility and control over the ad listening experience and enable real-time decisions on the creative for target audiences across any radio station.

The partnership with vCreative will give end users of vCreative’s vProMedia platform the ability to tag audio produced for advertisers with data signals available within Frequency. Once tagged, Frequency handles the ad decisioning and manages the distribution to the broadcast automation systems for each broadcast client.

“Our clients are constantly searching for the latest and greatest tools to streamline operations, reduce the number of systems their AE’s need to utilize, bring added value to advertisers, and enhance the listening experience for their audiences without adding more work to already busy teams,” said Mary DelGrande, CEO of vCreative. “vCreative and Frequency are bringing an integrated workflow that will deliver a revolutionary end-to-end solution for dynamic creative personalized for the listening audience.”

“We’re really excited to bring our technology to US broadcasters and vCreative is the perfect partner to help accelerate adoption,” said Pete Jimison, CEO of Frequency. “Using digital tools like Frequency will increase revenue and improve operational efficiencies for broadcasters while also improving the effectiveness of radio as a channel for advertisers.”

Frequency has been delivering contextually relevant ads in streaming audio since 2017 and debuted the technology to broadcasters in 2021 with Southern Cross Austereo (SCA) in Australia. Frequency recently ran a campaign with McDonald’s across local SCA stations that changed the creative based on real-time sports scores for Australian Rules Football, enabling McDonald’s to share in the joy of local fans’ favorite teams winning. See a case study here.

Broadcasters interested in learning more can contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Frequency® has created the next generation of ad management for the audio industry, providing workflow automation and targeted delivery in one innovative platform. With Frequency, audio networks can increase revenue opportunities, reduce manual operations, and improve ad experiences. The world’s top audio publishers and advertisers use Frequency’s enterprise solutions to centralize campaigns and personalize podcast, radio, and streaming ads. Serving 5B+ ad impressions a month, Frequency is the chosen software for audio operations efficiency and growth. For more information, visit