vcreative wideorbit 400pxvCreative has connected the vCreative production workflow management platform to WideOrbit. This WideOrbit certified integration between vCreative's vPPO platform and the Electronic Material Instructions module for WO Traffic, WideOrbit's flagship ad sales and commercial operations platform, will enable the end-to-end exchange of copy instructions, eliminating errors and saving time for broadcasters.

Created in close consultation with customers, WideOrbit's Electronic Material Instructions is the first automated solution to address the long-standing need to simplify and streamline the material instructions process. WideOrbit’s Electronic Material Instructions module automates the receipt of new and revised material instructions from vCreative’s production workflow management system for electronic import into WO Traffic.

Prior to this integration, data associated with copy and commercial instructions would be entered into WideOrbit, and the same information would be re-entered into vCreative, as part of the workflow necessary to produce or collect the creative assets. With the Electronic Material Instructions integration, vCreative electronically shares the necessary data to instruct all spots in WO Traffic, significantly reducing the time required to manage this process.

In addition to the Electronic Material Instructions integration, WideOrbit and vCreative have also built a feature that automatically populates production orders into vCreative's vPPO and vPRO platforms from the WideOrbit contract in WO Traffic, creating a link between the material ID in both systems. This bi-directional exchange of contract data, copy, and material instructions eliminates costly mistakes and saves each user hours of entry time.

Susie Hedrick, CEO of vCreative, comments that, “Connecting to WideOrbit’s Electronic Material Instructions module puts the finishing touches on a series of projects that we have developed with WideOrbit to benefit our mutual clients. Its completion comes at a critical time and is a must-have feature for broadcasters looking to expand team efficiency and boost productivity. The impact is hundreds of hours per year returned to every user, and it introduces the first ever collaboration integrating commercial copy from the initial creative request all the way through to on-air execution.” 

Will Offeman, WideOrbit Chief Product Officer, says "WideOrbit's Electronic Material Instructions module is designed to help our broadcast radio and TV customers improve efficiency and reduce costly errors. It is a significant step forward in automation for what was previously a highly manual process. We're excited to add this new integration with vCreative."

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