Fuse Audio Labs VREV 140 GUI 400pxFuse Audio Labs is proud to announce availability of VREV-140 — a reverb plugin inspired by the holy grail of plates, featuring functional add-ons aplenty.

Thanks to its smooth timbre and plate-specific density, VREV-140 is an appropriate tool with which to enhance vocal, guitar, or drum tracks. And applying its more extreme settings means that the resultant synthetic-sounding aspect of the plate can impose inspiring reverb effects on many different sources. Saying that, though, the specific sound of the original Fifties-vintage studio icon — itself inspiring the VREV-140 — adds spatial width and air to all kinds of signals.

Thankfully, the plugin provides a pleasing sonic signature by offering a fully gain compensated preamp section and expanding the DECAY TIME setting up to 32 seconds, substantially improving upon the original hardware unit’s five-second maximum. An additional three-band EQUALIZER provides the key to intuitively embedding the processed signals into any mix. Meanwhile, the WIDTH and BALANCE SETTINGS, plus an associated PREDELAY of up to 500ms, allow for more control and special effects.

Ultimately, users wishing to complement their mixes by introducing plate-style space and depth, apply lush reverberation tails to instruments or vocals, create otherworldly sounds, or just want to sound a little bit more like The Beatles or Pink Floyd need look no further than VREV-140. Anyone applying large doses of reverb can comfortably temper the effect with its MIX control.

Comments Fuse Audio Labs CEO Reimund Dratwa: “The original 140 is certainly an amazing piece of studio equipment. But beyond the sheer scale of its dimensions, the magic lies in its inspiring sound, really responsible for making many great recordings over the decades sound the way that they do. But best of all, the VREV-140 vintage plate reverb plugin holds true to its heritage — users will be far from disappointed!”

VREV-140 is available at a 50%-discounted price of $29.00 USD until April 29, 2022, rising thereafter to its regular price of $59.00 USD. More at https://fuseaudiolabs.com/vrev140.html.


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