cheat-sheet-logo2CHEATSHEET.COM: If you're computer savvy, and there's a modem attached, surf the Internet. A humongous medium, taking over the world, moving into underground bunkers right next to good ol' Bill. Free start-up kits are available from CompuServe, America On-Line, Prodigy, Delphi, and others. Check with your local software dealer. There may even be suppliers of Internet and E-Mail access at lower rates in your area. This will get you a great software package including a window onto the web browser (the World Wide Web [WWW] lets people post pages of information, including text, graphics, even audio and video, all of which can be downloaded for later use). Check out these top ten sites:

1. Voyager Premiere Credits Images:

2. 99X Atlanta, full radio home page:

3. NASA Information Services:

4. Interactive frog dissection tutorial: http://curry.edschool.Virginia.EDU/~insttech/frog

5. Radio Space home page:

6. KPIX Golden Gate Bridge Camera:

7. The Smithsonian Institution Home Page:

8. Cross-sections of a human body:

9. Radio on the Internet:

10. Short-wave/Radio Catalog:

FREE SUBSCRIPTIONS! There are plenty of free E-Mail newsletters available for the asking. The NAB at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (send your E-mail message with full name and address to subscribe). While web browsing stop at C/NET on-line, Subscription instructions are on line.

SURFIN' ON THE BOSS'S DIME? "Today more than 75 percent of all Internet users are logging on via corporate accounts"--Business Week, 6/29/95. These days the Internet is good for more than just entertainment. There's nothing better than sharing copy ideas on an electronic bulletin board, talking technical in a forum, or simply keeping up to speed on what's happening in the radio industry. Cyberspace can be very productive. If you haven't already, talk to your GM about using the corporate account on line. COWABUNGA!