SPARC MediaHub 400pxRadioPromoHub Inc, a company that built a workflow system for radio people by radio people, announced that it has changed its name to SPARC Media Hub. The name change better reflects the product, and the services offered.

SPARC Media Hub contains an acronym which stands for “Sales”, “Promotions”, “Announcers”, “Reception” and “Creative”. Combining all departments into one place helps radio/TV station departments to communicate effectively, therefore improving efficiency and increasing revenue.

“We’re excited about the name change”, said Skyler Richard (Co-Owner), “It really helps our clients fully understand our product and allows the company to grow into different media sectors.”

Unleash the power of SPARC Media Hub within your station. Along with a creative workflow and promotional tools, SPARC Media Hub also contains several prep tools like a collaborative prep list, custom prep sheet builders, a phone screener, built-in texting and more.

SPARC Media Hub is available for barter in Canada through Orbyt Media. Watch our launch video below. Questions? Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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