TransAudio Group introduced the new Daking Mic Pre IIT, which combines two of Daking’s stand-alone Mic Pre One units in a single rack space chassis. Faithful to legendary solid-state circuitry dating from the 1980s and discrete Class “A” transistor topology, the Mic Pre IIT captures the organic detail and mass of any musical instrument with compelling fidelity.

Daking Mic Pre IIT 400pxMade in the USA and ready for anything, the Mic Pre IIT features Jensen transformers on both the inputs and outputs, an optional 1/4-inch DI input, single-sided phantom power, a 20dB pad, phase inversion, and a continuously-variable high-pass filter (10 – 200Hz), all of which are duplicated on each channel.

“Engineers have held Geoff Daking’s analog processors in high esteem for decades, and the Daking Mic Pre IIT adds a useful dual-channel rack version of the ‘stand-alone’ Daking Mic Pre One to his company’s catalog,” said Brad Lunde, president of TransAudio Group. “It is an elegant mix of stunning sound quality and useful features, including a continuously-variable high-pass filter to remove clarity-destroying rumble and extremely high headroom. Best of all, the USA-made Mic Pre IIT costs a small fraction of the price typically charged for other boutique preamps in its league, making it an easy addition on any budget.”

The Daking Mic Pre IIT offers 70dB of continuous gain and a 20-segment LED VU meter with overload and floating peak indicators. All relay switches feature gold, bifurcated contacts, and the chassis is stainless steel with aluminum knobs. Inputs are mic-level XLR and instrument-level 1/4-inch, and outputs are balanced XLR and 1/4-inch TRS.

The Daking Mic Pre IIT is now available, MAP $1,699. More at