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While recently setting up our new MediaVoice office, it was time to do some sorting. RAP after all these years remains an incredible and invaluable content resource. With so many changes taking place in our industry, it's unbelievable that even after decades, so many stories and columns that filled those old printed pages are as relevant in 2021 as they were in 1998. And the audio software / gear demos from yesteryear are a hoot to read. It's a joy to refresh the 'Radio' mind and to still learn from RAP Mag after all these years.

On the Soundstage



September 01, 2003 12495
by Steve Cunningham There’s something just plain handy about a stand-alone CD burner — that is, one that’s not part of a computer. A self-contained CD recorder into which you can plug microphones, with input level controls and...