Embody, the pioneer in immersive and personalized spatial audio, is proud to announce the first ALL ACCESS version of their plugin Immerse Virtual Studio, which allows producers to virtually monitor their mixes in world-class studios.

Embody Immerse Virtual Studio All Access 400pxFollowing the successful launch of the plugin at NAMM 2020 and follow-on product announcements throughout last year with partners AVID, Audeze, and Audio-Technica, Embody now offers a version of Immerse that works with any DAW and Music Players, including Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, Reaper, Ableton Live, Cubase, Nuendo, Garageband, FL Studio, JRiver, SoundSource, and many more.

The All Access version of Immerse is compatible with all professional studio headphones while being specifically tuned for many widely used headphones, such as Audeze, Audio-Technica, Sennheiser, AKG and beyerdynamic. Mix virtually without needing to buy a new pair of headphones.

The studios featured in the Immerse Virtual Studio plugin are the creative spaces of Platinum and Grammy award-winning artists such as Bob Horn, Erik Reichers, Carlos de la Garza, and Warren Huart. To create a verifiable reproduction of each studio, the sound engineers themselves tune the plugin. They certify that the sound out of the plugin matches the acoustic signature of their studio.

“Rest assured that what you hear from the Immerse Virtual Studio plugin on a pair of headphones is what you’d hear if you sat at the desk in my mixing room. I worked with Embody and personally tuned it. It is the sound of my studio.” -- Bob Horn, Multi-platinum, Grammy Award-winning producer and mixing engineer

While acoustically modeling a studio, it’s not enough to only model the space and the speakers. It’s equally important to model you sitting in the sweet spot of that space, and the critical piece of you is your ears. The shape of your ears, the folds, and cavities inside your ears define your unique audio profile. Embody has developed an artificial intelligence-based technology called Immerse™ that computes your personalized profile or HRTF in under 30 seconds. With your personalized profile combined with a studio’s precise acoustic model, Immerse Virtual Studio gives you the experience of being inside an excellent-sounding, acoustically treated room with the sound being played from a distance in front of you. As a result, your mix gets all the benefits of the studio’s acoustics, speakers, and layout when in reality, you might be mixing in your bedroom on a pair of your favorite headphones.

Availability & Pricing: Immerse Virtual Studio All Access is available for download at https://embody.co/proaudio. $19.99/month for 24-months or $399 one-time (SAVE 15%). Free 14 days trial available (no credit card required).