Waves Audio is releasing the new, dramatically enhanced version of the StudioRack plugin chainer – now with added macros, parallel processing racks, multiband racks, and more new features. The new StudioRack is now available for free. 

Waves StudioRack 400pxThe new Waves StudioRack is a completely re-imagined version of Waves’ plugin chainer, placing an entirely new level of control in the hands of producers and mixers. As before, you can use StudioRack to create entire plugin chains – up to eight plugins per StudioRack chain, each chain taking up just one DAW insert. Your chains can be saved for instant recall, and loaded up in any DAW, making it super-easy to move your mixes between different DAWs. 

The new StudioRack also adds new exciting features that turn it into an unparalleled powerhouse:

  • Eight macros per chain: You can now combine multiple parameters from different plugins in your chain into a single macro – up to eight macros per chain. By having each macro control several audio processors at once, you can essentially create your own “custom plugins,” with your own functions and controls.
  • Parallel processing racks: Split any chain at any point into up to eight parallel processing mono, stereo or M/S racks, for easy parallel processing without complex routing.
  • Multiband split racks: Turn any Waves plugin into a multiband processor, by splitting your signal from any point in any chain into multiband racks with adjustable crossover points. 

StudioRack’s new features also include easy plugin search, to instantly find the plugins you need; and floating plugin windows, to view and control multiple plugins simultaneously.  

StudioRack can be used natively, using your computer’s CPU for plugin processing; or in SoundGrid mode, which offloads all plugin processing to a SoundGrid server, enabling you to mix with more plugins without worrying about running out of Native CPU power. 

The new StudioRack ships with over 170 presets for entire plugin chains, including chain presets from GRAMMY®-winning producer/engineers Tony Maserati (Beyoncé), Dave Darlington (Sting) and more. “The new StudioRack thinks exactly the way I do with regard to plugin chains,” Tony Maserati says. “This thing was made for my brain and creativity.” 

GRAMMY-winning mix engineer Andrew Scheps (Adele, Metallica) adds, “The new StudioRack is in a different league. The Macro controls, parallel routing and crossovers make it possible to do things you can’t really do any other way. So powerful, but still easy to set up and use."  

Jay Z’s audio engineer Young Guru notes, “StudioRack makes complex effect chains simple, and lets you recall them at any time.”  

And Muse producer Rich Costey sums it up: “The new StudioRack opens new creative doors. With the macros, you can now make sonically deep moves with only a few knobs. A very serious step forward.”   

The new Waves StudioRack is now compatible with the latest V11 version of all Waves plugins. 

Waves StudioRack is now available for free download: www.waves.com/plugins/studiorack.


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