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TURTLE BEACH SYSTEMS is shipping Quad Studio 1.1. This is an upgrade to the Windows based 4-track disk based digital recorder/editor. The new software takes care of some bugs and features new metering, improved MIDI functions and more. $10 for the upgrade kit or $500 for the package. 717/767-0200.

SPECTRAL's Translator is a rackmount digital format converter designed to convert eight digital channels between four formats: ADAT/Fostex RD8, Tascam DA-88/Sony PCM-800, Yamaha's Y2, and Spectral's SMDAI. 206/487-2931.

TRACER TECHNOLOGIES is now exclusive distributor for AdB Perfect Sound's new MultiWave Digital Pro Digital Interface Card. Designed for direct digital sampling and transfer in Windows, you get AES/EBU, optical S/PDIF, and coaxial S/PDIF digital I/O to all Windows digital audio applications such as SAW, Sound Forge, Logic, and more. $549 list. The company has also entered an exclusive distribution agreement with VansEvers for their "audiophile-quality" AC power conditioning units designed to filter noise at much lower frequency levels than conventional power conditioners. 717/747-0200, fax 717/741-6790.

DYNATEK introduces the CDM200 CD ROM recording system software for Windows and Macintosh computers. You get a double-speed CD recorder complete with cables and blank disks. $1,695. 902/832-3000, fax 902/832-3010.

FURMAN SOUND has an affordable single channel compressor. The C-128, priced at $269, is a compressor/limiter with adjustable ratio, attack and release times, and threshold levels. 415/927-1225, fax 415/927-4548.

ENSONIQ CORPORATION has released the ASR-88, a weighted-action version of their ASR-10 sampling keyboard featuring the same 88-key weighted-action keyboard with channel pressure used in the KT-88 synth. Also new is the Ensoniq DP/2 Parallel Effects Processor, a single rack space effects box that can process one true stereo input or two mono inputs in serial or parallel routing. 65 algorithms include the gamut of reverbs, delays, modulation effects, EQ, Vocoder, pitch shifters, and more. You get 600 presets. Just $995. Ensoniq also announces their new Web site at 610/647-3930, fax 610/647-8909.


CHAMELEON MUSIC announces the release this month of 3 new CDs, bringing the total in their buy-out library to 15 CDs. The new CDs are Panoramic which features "mood setting themes without drums; Production Toolbox Vol. #3 which consists of 50 light musical themes coupled with 50 tracks of electronic Zaps, Zings, and Flying Logos; and Easy Listening, a collection of "warm, relaxing, and soulful tunes." See ad on back page for more info. Ask about applicable discounts for RAP Members. (413) 789-1917.

The VALENTINO Production Music and Sound Effects Library Catalog is now available on the Internet. Order forms and press information are also available, and users are encouraged to E-mail the company with questions and comments. The Internet address is

AIRCRAFT PRODUCTION LIBRARIES adds a 4th CD to their Ads Up! Music For Commercials library. Targeted to retail sales, the library contains 528 total edits. (800) 343-2514.

SEAN CALDWELL PRODUCTIONS announces the release of XFX2, the companion to XFX1. XFX2 features "statics, tune efx, rewinds, servos, beeps," and more. 220 cuts targeted to Modern Rock, Rock, and CHR. Special rate available for purchasing both packages. RAP Member discount applies! See ad on page 21 or call (610) 640-5899 for info. Demo line, (201) XFX-0854.

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