Waves Audio announces an updated addition to the F6 Floating-Band Dynamic EQ: a real-time frequency spectrum analyzer – created as the result of popular demand and end user feedback. All Waves F6 owners covered by the Waves Update Plan can update to add this FFT-based real-time frequency spectrum analyzer for free.

Waves F6 400pxThe Waves F6 is a surgical dynamic equalizer with six floating, fully-adjustable parametric filter bands, advanced EQ and compression/expansion controls per band, mid-side processing options and much more. The new real-time frequency spectrum analyzer is easily accessible from the main plugin interface. In addition, users can customize features to their personal needs. Additional analyzer features include adjustable resolution, adjustable reaction speed, RMS vs. peak response, pre-EQ, post-EQ and sidechain options, frequency, note and amplitude display based on cursor position, and diverse L/R monitoring options.

With the F6, you can EQ more precisely, with filters that can be as narrow or as wide as you like, free-floating bands that can overlap, variable EQ shapes, and threshold-sensitive EQ settings. F6 is ideal for isolating specific problems on individual tracks and fixing them transparently only when they pop out. The plugin’s advanced mid-side processing capabilities give you even greater ability to carve out EQ space in a busy mix, so you can breathe more life into your mixes.

Waves F6 Dynamic EQ new features:
• FFT-based RTA
• Pre-EQ, post-EQ & sidechain options
• Peak/RMS modes
• Diverse monitoring options
• Adjustable reaction (averaging) speed & resolution
• Pink & white noise slopes
• Easy access to all analyzer features from the main GUI
• Free update for all F6 Dynamic EQ plugin owners

To learn more, please visit https://www.waves.com/plugins/f6-floating-band-dynamic-eq

Video: https://youtu.be/pcFBLu3g3B4 


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