By Jeffrey Hedquist

Every year we make resolutions, usually in January…and then we gradually ignore them throughout the year. Heck, you might even feel a little guilty about it. I do.

What would make this process more rewarding?

Here’s the thing. We. Create. Magic.

We are blessed to be able to craft some words, record them, put them on the air and change the trajectory of businesses that affect individuals, families, organizations, communities, and the world in a positive way.

Why not resolve to do it better, more easily, and have more fun doing it?

This time make your resolutions specific. Break each down into easily doable steps with a time frame for each one so you feel accomplishment along the way.


1. Write them out. Good way to remind yourself of your promises. Put the list on your desktop, or on a handwritten card for your wallet.

2. Limit the resolutions. Too many can seem overwhelming.

3. Create a timeline for each. Place reminders in your calendar that you can mark “done” and cheer.

4. Celebrate the accomplishments of each - a small indulgence, sharing the victory with colleagues, posting it on social. In most cases, your increased skills will be your best reward.


Here are some suggested resolutions for you and me. Pick as many or as few as you like. Ignore ‘em all and pick your own. Whatever. Review your list from time to time, not just at the traditional turning of the calendar.


• Remind your programming compatriots that commercials are part of the sound of the station and better ones will increase TSL. Campaign for more time or resources to create.

• Form a group of fellow brainstormers or a mastermind group to share ideas and crush writers’ block together.

• Ask tough/unexpected questions of your client (What did your Mom teach you that you use in your business today?).

• Self educate. Each week or month Google how different businesses market themselves, then apply what you learn to another category. For instance apply what you learn about real estate marketing techniques to dental practices. Your clients will be delighted by your innovative approaches.

• Keep asking with each piece you create: have I touched the emotions of my audience?

• Google award show winners for inspiration.

• Google Best/Unusual/Interesting/outrageous radio commercials to hear how other radio creators (often from other cultures) write for the ear.

• Above all, don’t create commercials, tell stories.

• Ask for help. I and other experts in audio advertising have free & cheap resources for you. Invest time and a few bucks to amplify your talents.


Got some resolutions that will make us all better commercial creators? I’d like to see ‘em. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Thanks.

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