Q It Up: Which DAW are you using for your multi-track work?

The R.A.P. Q It Up panel checks in on this Q: Which DAW are you using for your multi-track work? How long have you been using this one? Did you migrate from another before this one? What are your pros and cons for your current DAW? Do you have separate software for 2-track editing, such as Sound Forge or Wave Lab?

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Dave Foxx's Production 512: Putting Words in an Artist’s Mouth

by Dave Foxx

I can’t imagine a program director in the world who doesn’t LOVE celebrity endorsements. On a CHR station, the mere thought of having Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber saying your callsign is practically orgasmic to a PD. It is a validation to the listener that YOUR station is the best, perhaps ONLY one they would consider listening to when in your town. An all-sports station would probably kill to get one from Eli Manning (Giants) or Philip Rivers (Chargers). Country stations too would love having Garth Brooks or Carrie Underwood promote their broadcast. The problem is that unless you’re in New York or Los Angeles, the odds of getting celeb endorsements like that drop as your market number grows. This month I want to part the curtains a bit and explain how we handled these at Z100 and give you a few ideas about expanding your ID library which will no doubt make the boss feel mighty glad he or she hired you.

Make Your Own Imaging Library

By Dave Cockram

Am I the only Radio Producer who thinks imaging libraries suck? How am I supposed to make my radio station sound different from my competitors if we are all using the same stuff? Yes! We are ALL using the same libraries! They may be called different things, but I assure you… it’s all more similar than different. We are also all guilty of an under the table file swap with our producer friends in other markets. Admit it.

"...And Make It Real Creative!": All Together Now, or, Things That Go Splat in the Night

by Trent Rentsch

What makes you laugh? I’m not talking a comedian, or TV show or movie. I want to know what makes you laugh at home, behind closed doors, when you’re simply living your life with friends or family. An unexpected, extremely loud burp… emanating from your Grandmother? Your big tough Buddy, screaming like a little girl when he sees a spider? Perhaps it’s your wife, using the flashlight app on her smartphone… to find her smartphone under the loveseat.

Radio Hed: How to Make a Client’s List of Items Work in a Commercial

by Jeffrey Hedquist

A fellow broadcaster writes with a client challenge that you may have experienced. “They expect me to name each article being sold, the price, the hours, the location, the owner’s name… AGHHHHHHHHH!!!” Of course they do. They assume it’s a print ad. Your client is interested in the details of their business and forgets that the public doesn’t share that interest. But listeners want to have their problems solved, to feel better, to be happier. All those items can help achieve those goals, but you need to tell a story about the listener.

The R.A.P. Soundstage

First up on the Soundstage is this month’s Editor’s Choice Award winner, a clever spot from Ben Kuhns at Townsquare Media in Sioux Falls, SD -- great concept and excellent execution. Dave Foxx shows us some tricky work with artist audio on track 2 – be sure to read his column this month for the details. More spots on tracks 3-11 including a notable effort from another student at SAIT on track 9. We get a few promos on tracks 12-14 and wrap it up with a Gene Wilder tribute from Colin McGinness on track 15.