ECA 250 webNestled away in market #110, Ben Kuhns apparently keeps clients in Sioux Falls, SD and the listeners of Townsquare Media happy with his creative twists on commercials that might otherwise be just another commercial in the stopset. His commercial for a car detailing shop got my vote for this month’s ECA Award. Grabbing the emotions and putting a grin on your face first, he opens with something totally unrelated to car detailing, then transfers that “good feeling” to the sales pitch in the spot. I loved the concept and thought the execution was perfect. Way to go, Ben! Looking forward to more!

Check it out here! Comments welcome below.

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February 02, 1991 8484
by Jerry Vigil Working in the communications industry in these last two decades of the twentieth century comes with a lot of advantages. The wizards of technology offer toys to producers like us that were never even dreamt of a...