Simplex webCreative Gear Solutions Inc. announces the launch of Simplex, the all-in-one communication tool designed specifically for radio. Simplex is a powerful promotional module with multiple sections designed specifically to address the key areas of Prizes, On-Air Mentions and Station Event Management. Designed with both large and small stations in mind, Simplex takes the effort & error out of communication and organization. Prize Management allows promotions to assign prizes to be given out by announcers, and a system to track all winners. When promotional staff enter a prize to be given out, they can assign it to multiple announcers, perfect for morning shows or drive shows. If the minimum number of prizes assigned to be given out daily is not met, Simplex will immediately notify the promotions team. Simplex can even text the winner to let them know their prize is available to collect. On-Air Mentions: Simplex has a built in system that allows promotional staff to assign on air mentions and automatically checks to ensure all executions have been completed. Station Event Management: With the ability to define everything from the objective of the event, the main contact, Simplex gives all necessary information for announcers and street team to successfully execute the perfect station event. It even plots your directions via Google maps to make sure everyone knows where they’re heading. In addition to these core features to make life smoother for Sales, Promotions & Programming, Simplex also has features that makes the daily workload of the announcers easier too. Prep Sheet Builder: Announcers have access to a prep sheet builder and RSS feed system. When creating a prep sheet, the owner can add multiple announcers to view and edit content. Build a custom template, and then add bookmarked articles from your RSS feeds to a specific break, giving announcers full flexibility on their show content and execution all within Simplex. Personal Calendar: All Prizes, On-Air Mentions, Station Events and Remotes are all easily viewable in one calendar. View only the items you’re assigned to, or view all stations items. The calendar is user friendly and easy to read. The Creative System built within Simplex gives the sales team accurate turnaround times for creative, instant creative status, and access to archived creative spots from the years past. Simplex will help manage workloads, track approvals and adhere to strict traffic deadlines; thus creating better creative. Simplex is not limited to promotions and creative; it also has powerful Remote Module to manage remote availability, assign announcers and remote ops, even build a wrap up presentation for the client. With its responsive design, you can access Simplex online anywhere and on any device. For more info, contact Dave Newbury or Skyler Richard at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., call 1-877-682-3606, or visit

Soundwaves Art Roger Waters Brick pt 1 webSoundwaves Art Foundation announces the Icons of Music 2016 Fundraiser featuring limited edition artwork signed by over 20 artists. Artist Tim Wakefield’s artwork begins by digitally manipulating, shaping, and coloring sound waves generated from a studio recording of a song. The result is a visually stunning representation of the audio, taking on an entirely new art form. It has been described as “a truly unique visual expression of sound.” Top musicians have joined the artist for a once-in-a lifetime chance for art and music enthusiasts to own the Soundwave art of their song, signed by the artist. Participating artists include: Roger Waters, Mark Knopfler, Queen, ABBA, Sam Smith, Jason Isbell, Hunter Hayes, New Order, Elbow, Ellie Goulding, The Black Keys, The Killers, Alt-J, The Cure, Stereophonics, Bee Gees, Kings of Leon, Duran Duran, Bon Jovi, Brian Wilson, Joy Division, Bryan Ferry, Royal Blood, and Steve Winwood. Founded by Tim Wakefield, Soundwaves Art Foundation has raised funds around the world for music-related charities. “I am so excited for this year’s fundraiser. The list of artists involved is spectacular, and I am so proud to have been able to work with them to create these unique pieces,” Wakefield states. “While the creative process is always special for me, what’s really near and dear to my heart is the philanthropic side of this. The proceeds from the sale of the artwork will benefit some great charities chosen by the collaborating icons and myself; it’s an honor to know that every piece purchased will go to a great cause.” Music Rising, Hope & Homes for Children, War Child, and MusiCorps are the four charities currently benefiting from the fundraiser. To view the available pieces and participating artists please visit: For more information on Soundwaves Art Foundation:

London Intl Awards webThe London International Awards announces their 2016 Winners & Finalists including: Agency of the Year -McCann New York; Production Company of the Year - Framestore, New York; Post-Production Company of the Year - The Mill; Radio & Audio Company of the Year - Produce Sound, Johannesburg; and Music & Sound Company of the Year - Factory, London. View all at ► 

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