Production 512: Parallel Compression

by Dave Foxx

So how do you use your compression? Are you a virtual voiceover head-banger, pushing the compression threshold to the max every time? Or are you more of an audio purist who strives to keep the voice as pristine as possible, depending on an excellent microphone and super clean mic-pre? Chances are excellent that you fall someplace between, pushing for a bit more loudness without thrashing the plosive diphthongs. This month I’m going to let you in on a little secret of the music recording industry that somehow never found its way into everyday broadcasting use.

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Q It Up: What system do you use for processing production orders?

Some interesting and varied responses to this Q, from single stations and freelancers to larger groups, using anything from paper and email to Outlook and vCreative! Q It Up: What system do you use for processing production orders? Are you still using a paper production order? Handling it through email and Outlook’s Task Manager? Have you moved over to a project manager software platform or a specialized site like vCreative’s PPO system? Maybe you’re using a team management site like Slack or something similar. What organizational tool or tools are you using to process production orders at your facility? How’s it working for you? Pros and cons? Suggestions for others?

How to Make Money On the Side in Radio

by Dave Cockram

I highly recommend anyone still employed in radio to have something to fall back on. You never know when the Radio Reaper will creep up on you with that dreaded pink slip. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Don’t fool yourself into thinking you are safe. It’s radio life… and it’s full of surprises. Here are some Tips and Tricks to keep your bank account in the black while working in a generally low paying industry.

"...And Make It Real Creative!": The 2nd Annual Audio Adoption Contest: Seven Who Dared

by Trent Rentsch

My latest Creative experiment took a turn as well, and nearly drove me to drink. The “Love For an Audio Orphan” contest, as you might remember, had its first run last year, with a surprisingly good turn out, so I expected this year’s contest to really explode. So I waited for the first entry... and waited... and waited some more. It was nerve wracking for me... what if I hosted a contest and nobody came? Did I make it too tough this year? Would even one brave Creative bite? I knew there was interest, but my in-box was full of nothing. The entry deadline was looming... the suspense...

Why Not? Bad Mouthing Your Competitors

by Earl Pilkington

This story is based on an actual real world experience I had a couple of years ago that I was reminded of recently when another client asked me to do eerily similar... I’m a copywriter. I am called on by the sales staff to have a ‘talk’ with clients because they want to do something that seems a bit… odd! Or left of centre… This is one such cautionary tale. The client’s names and business names have been removed to protect them.

Radio Hed: Your Client’s Personality

by Jeffrey Hedquist

What’s your client’s “personality” and how can you use it to help them succeed? In my seminars to broadcasters, advertisers, ad agencies, writers & producers, I talk about and play examples of “personality” spots – how to capture the personality of the advertiser and transmit that to the audience. Personality: the combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual’s distinctive character.

The R.A.P. Soundstage: August 2016

Seven souls dared to take on Trent Rentsch’s Orphan Audio contest this year, and once again, the judges will have their work cut out for them. You’ll find the actual audio “orphans” on track one. These are the elements that had to be used to some degree in the spot or promo, and if you chose to produce a spot, it had to be for a florist. If you chose to produce a promo, it had to be for a cash contest. The entries are on tracks 2 – 8. We’ll be sending a ballot to our Gold members later this week to get the votes for the winner who will get Ozone 7 from iZotope, a Gold RAP Membership and more! The winner will be announced shortly after that later this month. The rest of this month’s Soundstage is on tracks 10-20, starting with a promo from Dave Foxx as mentioned in his column. More promos on tracks 11-13 and commercials are on tracks 14-17. We wrap it up with some sweet beatmix IDs on track 18 from Evan Surminski, a nice station launch piece on 19 from Alex Zaretsky, and Mike Irvin takes a different approach to addressing a community issue on track 20 about the recent Ottawa sinkhole.

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  • The R.A.P. Cassette - May 1998

    Production demo from interview subject, Lon Ray at WLRW/WIXY, Champaign, IL; plus more commercials, imaging and promos from Johnny George,...