Q It Up: Who knows more about imaging a radio station: the IDs or the PDs?

The Q It Up panel weighs in on this question: Who knows more about imaging a radio station, the stations’ Imaging Directors… or the Program Directors? Who really “directs” the imaging at your station(s) or at stations you worked at in the past? Who should direct it? I’m talking about the difference between an Imaging Director going to work in the morning and getting an order from the PD for some new sweepers, or going to work in the morning and deciding for him/herself that it’s time for some new sweepers, and what they should say (within the PD’s guidelines, of course).

R.A.P. Interview: Cindy Jo Hinkleman, Freelance Audiobook Editor, Director & Coach, Los Angeles, CA

by Jerry Vigil

Cindy Jo spent some time in radio working for Drake-Chenault, Radio Arts, Far West Communications and Radio Express.  She has hosted a syndicated show and did production and interviewed recording artists for American Top 40 and other syndicated shows. She has won numerous awards including an Oscar, 3 Golden Reel Nominations, an Audie (audiobook award) and a Grammy nomination. She has produced, edited and/or proofed over 500 audiobooks. Most recently, Cindy has starting doing classes in LA, teaching voiceover artists how to get in the audiobook game. We get a peek inside the audiobook world in this month’s interview along with some interesting tidbits about sound editing for film. Be sure to check the end of the interview for a link to Cindy’s upcoming audiobook class in LA.

Production 212: Time for a Pop Quiz

by Dave Foxx

I’ve spent a great deal of time in this column talking about USP, or Unique Selling Proposition; determining what it is for a particular client or station, using it to promote the “brand” of that client or station and making sure that it’s clear to any observer what it is. Basically, finding the one thing that makes your client or station special and deserving of the audience’s attention. Regardless of anything else, your style, delivery, rhythm or production skills, the one thing that actually sells the product or service is what everything else is built on. If you don’t know the USP, you are simply spinning your wheels.

Radio Hed: Luke Will Help You Use The Force

by Jeffrey Hedquist

Luke Sullivan: Chair of Advertising, Savannah College of Art & Design. Author of “Hey, Whipple, Squeeze This: A Guide to Creating Great Ads.” He has worked for agencies such as Fallon McElligott Inc., The Martin Agency and GSD&M.
THAT Luke.

Elvis and Linda: Love Me Tender

by Don Elliot

When I was PD at KIIS-FM many years ago, my favorite two features were “Kiss Kouple and Kiss Kousins”. Indulge me… It’ll be worth it, and I promise you a very rewarding surprise ending here.

"....And Make It Real Creative!”: Give Me a Break!

by Trent Rentsch

Over my years in the industry, I’ve worked with many people who were notorious for one thing or another. There was the announcer who was always… ALWAYS… at least 5 minutes late for his shift. There was the sales rep who asked for endless spec ads and never converted one to a sale. There was the weekend big band host who had a fully stocked bar under the computer flooring in the studio (much to the surprise of our engineer when he discovered it while pulling cable). And then there was the promotions guy who never took a vacation. I don’t mean “only took a day or two, now and then,” I mean worked 7 days a week, 365… part time.

The R.A.P. Soundstage

Love for an Orphan: The First Annual Audio Adoption Contest

We get things started on the Soundstage with the entries to Trent Rentsch’s new “Love for an Orphan Audio Adoption” contest, where readers were challenged to take three audio elements, selected by Trent, and make something creative with them. Eleven brave Creatives took the challenge and provided 13 gems for us (Jim Van Dusen and Chadd Pierce each came up with two entries).

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