Q It Up: What mics and preamps do you use for voice work?

28 radio and voiceover pros reveal their favorite mics and preamps for voice work. Q It Up: What mic(s) do you use for your voiceover work? What are your likes and dislikes about the mic(s)? If you had your choice of ANY mic, what would you choose and why? What pre-amp(s) do you use? Feel free to add any other related comments and thanks for your feedback!

25th Radio And Production Awards

The Finalists of the 25th R.A.P. Awards appear on the R.A.P. Soundstage next month. R.A.P. Gold Members will then vote for the winners, who will be announced in the April issue!

The R.A.P. Soundstage

February's Editor's Choice Award winner; Producer's VU audio from Kieran Bell; plus commercials, promos and more from RAP Members around the globe!

Radio Hed: Four Step Spot Creation

by Jeffrey Hedquist

What does your client want to do? Sell stuff. What do their customers want? To have their problems solved. What do you want? To create a campaign that accomplishes what your client wants. So if your campaign helps convince potential customers that the advertiser will solve their specific problems, and the advertiser does just that for customers, the circle is complete. Here’s an easy way to generate content for the commercials in the campaign...

This Much I Know

by Sheldon Hovde

I’m not a genius. But what I want to share with you has nothing to do with being smart, just experienced. There really are some things you can only learn by doing… and I’m going to share a few of my experiences with you from my Creative Director’s chair, that will hopefully get you a bit closer to being a genius. This much I know...

Production 212: Own Your Job or Just Start Flipping Burgers

by Dave Foxx

Unless you’re relatively new to the business, you know that a change in management can often strike fear into the hearts of the rank and file. Deejays and producers all start prepping new demos and reaching out to friends in the business in case they get blown out. It happens. It happens all the time. A new PD comes to town and the entire radio station can get blown up so he or she can build a new station in its place, one that can actually generate ratings and make money.

Technology: Linux in the Studio: The Test Drive

by Nate Austen

Back in November 2014 (Vol 27, No. 11), Gord Williams wrote a piece for RAP magazine, introducing the Linux operating system to subscribers and production folk everywhere, as a replacement for Windows and perhaps the Mac OS. Bravo Gord, and thank you for that. I’ve been inside the Linux box for several years now, doing graphics, audio recording and editing, a little video production, one feeble try at 3D animation, some ham radio, and actual radio station automation. And, with one or two exceptions, all of it was for free – thanks to Linux and free open-source software.

The Producer's VU: “ZM NET - FVM Media Hijack Promo” from Kieran Bell, The Radio Network, Auckland, New Zealand

by John Pallarino

This month’s Producers VU takes you to New Zealand where we talk imaging with Kieran Bell from New Zealand Media & Entertainment. He started imaging as an intern 7 years ago, straight out of the New Zealand Broadcasting School where he got his degree, a Bachelor of Broadcasting Communications. We are going to see what his creative process is and dig deep into his audio bag of tricks and see how he creates magic in New Zealand.

"....And Make It Real Creative!”: The Crooner’s Time Machine

by Trent Rentsch

Some people lead the most fascinating lives, and more often than not, keep some of the juiciest tidbits to themselves. My Father-in-law certainly falls into that category. He and wife have literally traveled around the world, often on the roads less traveled. He was at the forefront of the Distance Learning revolution, and later, in addition to his position in traditional academia, owned a bartending school. I could go on, but you get the picture… interesting man, interesting life. But after all the stories I had heard about his remarkable journey, it turned out that there was so much more to know… and the evidence was hiding in a stack of decaying acetate discs.

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