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FOSTEX CORPORATION announces the DMT-8 8-track hard disk recorder/mixer/editor. The unit features 16-bit recording to a 540MB hard drive for 12.5 minutes of recording across all eight tracks, dedicated nondestructive cut/copy/paste editing keys, a jog/shuttle wheel, 2 bands of sweepable EQ, and 16 channels of mixdown to analog and digital outputs. Only $2795. For more info contact Budd Johnson at 310/921-1112, fax 310/802-1964.

In an effort to expand international sales opportunities, PACIFIC RECORDERS & ENGINEERING has appointed Broadcast Supply Worldwide (BSW) as an international dealer/representative. PR&E GM Mike Dosch adds, "This is the first time we have appointed an exclusive dealer in the U.S. to handle our products and services internationally." PR&E, 619/438-3911, BSW, 206/565-2301.

YAMAHA has a new, low priced effects box. The REV100 provides 99 editable reverb and delay programs with 16-bit A/D and D/A converters, 44.1kHz sampling and more for only $299. Call for info, 714/522-9011.

APOGEE ACOUSTICS has a new reference monitor. The Centaurus Pro Ribbon Hybrid Monitor features a 6.5-inch woofer and a 4-inch long ribbon tweeter. $1,000 a pair or get the mahogany or oak veneer version for $1,250! Frequency response is 45Hz to 25kHz, and the speakers can handle up to 200W. 617/963-0124.

Tired of staring at that tiny 14-inch monitor on your digital workstation? Check out the new 20-inch monitors from INDUSTRIAL COMPUTER SOURCE. The 9020 series includes rack-mount models that feature touch screens, Power Saver modes that shut the monitor down to minimum power when a screen saver is detected, resolutions up to 1024 x 768 and more. Call 800/523-2320 for info.

DIGIDESIGN now offers Session 2.0, a Macintosh version of the Session 8 software. A Windows version of Session 8 is also available. There's also new software for ProTools. Version 3.1 adds a ton of features including record/play of up to 48 tracks, "Quick Punch" punch-in, ADAT interfacing capabilities and more. Call 415/688-0600 for info.

LEXICON has upgraded the 300 effects box with the 300L. The new unit is capable of being controlled from the LARC Remote Control unit. There are also new memory cards available for the PCM-80. Call for info, 617/736-0300.

DENON has a new MiniDisc recorder. The DN80R features a RAM buffer that stores up to 40 seconds of stereo audio to prevent audio skips due to vibration. You get a balanced mic input, AES digital out, and a mono recording feature that offers 148 minutes of mono recording on a single MiniDisc. Call 201/882-7460 for info.

At 24-track upgrade kit is now available for TIMELINE's StudioFrame digital workstation. Call for info, 619/727-3300.

E-MU SYSTEMS has a new sampler. The E-64 is a 64-voice polyphonic sampler that comes standard with 2 MB of RAM, upgradable to 64MB, a large LCD graphic display, eight polyphonic outputs and more for $3,295. Call 408/438-1921 for info.

INNOVATIVE QUALITY SOFTWARE announces the Software Audio MIDI Mixer or SAMM, a software program designed for use with the Yamaha ProMix 01 digital mixer. The program can control up to 16 ProMix 01s under the Windows 3.1 format. Create fader groups, solo groups, and more while working with a slick looking, high-resolution, 256 color graphics screen. Call for info, 702/435-9077.


TM CENTURY, INC. introduced a new production library at the recent NAB show in New Orleans. Country House Band is a country promo library which features live recording sessions produced in Nashville and Los Angeles featuring some of the top studio musicians in the business. TM Century President and CEO explains the approach: "All of our research told us that radio was tired of synthesized music. We discovered a need for music created by human beings, and that's what this library is all about." The 15 disc library features a wide range of instrumental music ranging from 30 seconds to 2.5 minutes in length and includes special holiday and "morning show" cuts. For more information, check the flyer included with this issue, or call TM Century at 214/406-6800.

VALENTINO MUSIC & SOUND EFFECTS has just released 1000 of the World's Greatest Sound Effects, a CD-ROM package that features a dual-platform format allowing use on both PC (Windows) and MAC systems. A unique feature of the library is its "six-language" feature which accesses sound effects in either English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Portuguese. Just $100. See the ad on page 4 or call Valentino at 800/223-6278 for more information. E-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

THE MUSIC BAKERY announces the release of the 22nd CD in their buy-out library. The new CD features themes in the categories of Positive Image, Raging Hot, Serious Subjects, Light Underscores, and World Traveler. Call for info at 800/229-0313.

MANHATTAN PRODUCTION MUSIC adds two new CDs to the Apple Trax library. AT9-Play The Game features 10 uptempo themes, and AT10-Cinema Magic features orchestrated, dramatic "film scores." Call for info, 212/333-5766.


Congrats to Mark Daniels, the new Production Director at the Quad Cities radio center, 97X, K-BOB, Planet, and K-JOC. Mark exits KISF in Kansas City.

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