Firstcom evo241e rhythmrefined repro web► Latest releases from Firstcom include: Mystery, Drama And Magic BBCPM046 - A thematically linked orchestral collection of dramatic, mysterious and magical themes; Big Top Toon Shop BBCPM047 - Roll Up Roll Up! Fun circus and cartoon tracks. Traditional style big tent action for children's promos and comedy scenes; Retro Rock CHAP433 - Upbeat, fun tracks that'll bring out the rocker in all of us. Get in your Cadillac and cruise for miles; Haydn: String Quartets 11 DGPM051 - String Quartet No. 34-36 Op. 20; Snow Seasons EVO240e - Documentary and film underscores that convey a sense of beauty, wonder, awe and reverence.  An inspired journey into winter and beyond.  Perfect music for drama, nature, emotional storytelling and human interest; Rhythm Refined  EVO241e - Rhythmically compelling underscores create forward motion and interest. Moods range from high energy to sophistication, information to innovation; Rhythmscapes EVO242 - A complete collection of drums, percussion and beats in virtually every style.  Hip hop, rock, jazz, reggae, film trailers, game trailers and more.  Sometimes all you need is a beat. Audition these and more at

Atomica Modern Hybrids webAtomica Music released an update for Q4 featuring over 200 new titles including: DHM1029 Modern Hybrids - High energy mashup of retro, dance, electronica and rock flavors. Upbeat and positive with body moving backbeats; DHV1014 Male Songwriters - A collection of catchy male singer songwriter themes. Perfect for advertising and promotional applications; DHM1027 Renegade Blues - Raunchy and raucous blues themes.  Rough, gritty and plenty of attitude; DHM1024 Drama Fantastique - Whimsical and magical cues with a lean towards the dark. Themes for the other world. Beautiful and menacing. Audition these and more at

StickyFX free x mas pack 2015 webSticky FX has created a special X-Mas FX Pack with 30 free FX and work parts, from whooshes to sparkles and bells to flyby’s. “Because of the neutral signature sound, these royalty free X-mas FX will fit in any mainstream format like CHR, (HOT) AC or Rhythmic.” Website registration required for download. ► 


On the Soundstage



December 01, 2009 7787
by Steve Cunningham As anyone who’s been around the audio business for more than twenty minutes knows, Mackie has been making some very cool small mixers for a very long time. After all, the original Mackie 1604 is the stuff of...