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Here’s another form of exaggeration that you can use to break writers’ block, to get attention from an ears-glazed-over audience and to bring results to hungry advertisers.

Misdirect attention by making the advertiser’s product, service, location or event more important, urgent, or compelling than a major event that your audience would think of as life changing.

Major life events like birth, funerals, marriage, graduation, vacation, getting a speeding ticket, proposing, career promotions, election to political office, serving on a jury, airline safety announcements, 911 calls, reviving from a coma, winning a Nobel Prize, undergoing surgery can pale in comparison to a client’s annual sale, new restaurant menu items, and extended automotive warrantees if you take the right angle.

Create a commercial that puts the listener into the scene. Remember, these life events are dramatic and emotional situations. So, just when you might expect a rescue, a resolution, a victory or a celebration, twist the story to your client’s selling points.

I know it sounds deceptive, even cruel, but it’s what comics do – set us up, then unexpectedly turn the situation around, or deliver a punch line that catches us by surprise.


• The person who comes out of a years-long coma, not recognizing his loved ones but remembering a wonderful meal at his favorite restaurant

• An Olympic athlete who misses her chance at a gold medal because she gets distracted by a text about earning bonus points from her favorite store

• The brain surgeon who steps out of the operating room briefly to take advantage of a sale on tires

• The rescued hiker who was lost in the wilderness for 3 months - all he thought about daily were the cool things he’d be missing at the local home show.

These are all twisted stories that could lead to happy advertisers and renewals.

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