RAP-CD-logo-2Welcome to the October 2014 R.A.P. CD! Up first is this month’s Editor’s Choice Award winner, which just happens to also be the winner of the Produce Dave Foxx 2 competition! Two well-deserved credits for Karlo as he makes his debut appearance on the RAP CD -- and this may be the first submission we’ve had from Hungary as well! Tracks 2 and 3 are the Dave Foxx runners-up, in no particular order, and each deserve a high five as well. Track 4 is a sampler from this month’s interview subject, Langley Gerrard. (You won’t believe the awesome recruitment spot in the middle!) Tracks 5 and 6 are the promos Dave Foxx talks about in his Production 212 column. More promos are on tracks 7 – 15. Colin McGinness offers some notes on the promo on track 11: “…I used clips from actual British celebrities, Gordon Ramsey, Bono from U2 and Stephen Hawking (who you’ll know) and a Millionaire businessman TV personality as well. Covered all the bases of the kind of individual someone might want at their dinner table. Came out quite well, but obviously took a while to find the right lines.”

Commercials are on tracks 16 – 22, including three :30’s from a well-done campaign on track 22. Cut 23, “The End of WCCC”, comes from long-time RAP CD contributor, Rich Conway, who held down the production at Hartford’s legendary rocker for quite some time. The station recently switched to Christian after 55 years. And we wrap things up this month with a superb job on a Robin Williams tribute from Colin McGinness.

1. ECA Winner: Produce Dave Foxx 2 –Karlo Zsolt, Budapest, Hungary, karlo[at]karloproduction.com
2. Produce Dave Foxx 2 – Michel Orthier, Breakout4u.com, Emblem, Belgium, info[at]breakout4u.eu
3. Produce Dave Foxx 2 – Doug Miller, WSTR-FM/WQXI-AM, Atlanta, Georgia, doug.miller[at]lincolnfinancialmedia.com
4. Sampler from Langley Gerrard, UKRD, Bristol, United Kingdom, langley.gerrard[at]ukrd.com
5. Production 212 - Pitbull Promo, Dave Foxx, Z100, New York, NY, davefoxx[at]clearchannel.com
6. Production 212 – Ne-Yo Promo, Dave Foxx, Z100, New York, NY, davefoxx[at]clearchannel.com
7. Win My Job Promo & IDs, Dave Cockram, Indie 88, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, dave[at]indie88.com
8. I’m Tired of Waiting to be Famous, Evan Surminski, Power 97, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, esurminski[at]cjob.com
9. Halloween Howler Launch Teaser, Gary McClenaghan, Bell Media, Edmonton, AB, Canada, gary.mcclenaghan[at]bellmedia.ca
10. Sanitarium Rock 100-9, Francois Paquin, Rock 100.9, Quebec, Canada, fpaquin[at]radiox.com
11. 10K Kitchen Giveaway, Colin McGinness, UKRD, Bristol, United Kingdom, colin.mcginness[at]ukrd.com
12. Backstreet Boys BTBO, Russ More/Carla Johnson, Island Radio/JPBG, Nanaimo, BC, Canada, rmore[at]islandradio.bc.ca
13. Urinal Conversation Translation, Brad Lane, 1500 ESPN, St. Paul/Minneapolis, MN, blane[at]1500ESPN.com
14. Sticker Promo (Selfie Parody), Jay Helmus/Chris Leitz, Z95.3, Vancouver, BC, Canada, jhelmus[at]newcap.ca
15. 2 BR – Brekky In Bed, Adam Venton, UKRD, Bristol, United Kingdom, adam.venton[at]ukrd.com
16. Awesome Blossom – Awesome, Ryan Spooner/Stephen Ball, Rock 105.3, Medicine Hat, AB, Canada, ryan.spooner[at]rci.rogers.com
17. Guidance Care Center – DUI Teen, Andrew Frame, BAF Soundworks, Andrew[at]bafsoundworks.com
18. Miners Rest Motel – Call Me Back, Tim Hammond, Southern Cross Austereo, Bunbury, WA, Australia, tim.hammond[at]sca.com.au
19. Boston Pizza – Patio Day on Hold, Rick Harrington, Mix97, Rock107, CJBQ, production[at]cjbq.com
20. Panasonic Future, Jay Ginsberg, KZST, jay[at]kzst.com
21. Fort City Chrysler – Car Wars, Cameron Wendt, Bell Media, Fort St. John, BC, Canada, Cameron.wendt[at]bellmedia.ca
22. Harvey Norman Busselton Electrical – 3 x :30, Matthew Redmond, Southern Cross Austereo, Bunbury, WA, Australia, matthew.redmond[at]sca.com.au
23. The End of WCCC, Rich Conway, WCCC, Hartford, CT, guswilson2[at]yahoo.com
24. Robin Williams Tribute, Colin McGinness, UKRD, Bristol, United Kingdom, colin.mcginness[at]ukrd.com