RAP-CD-logo-2Welcome to the October 2008 RAP CD, brought to you in part by Guy Harris/VoiceOverGuy.co.uk; check out Guy's demo on track one 1. Also brought to you by InsomniaFX imaging library; check out that demo on track 2.

Next up is a super sampler of work from Lowell Christensen, subject of this month's RAP Interview. Track 4 is audio for Dave Foxx's Production 212 column, which is Dave's original gas promo from the "Produce Dave Foxx!" experiment featured on last month's RAP CD. Commercials fill out tracks 5 through 15. Promos are on tracks 16 through 29. We get some Halloween ear candy on track 30, a bit of topical fun from Brad Lane on track 31, and Scott Walker put together a rather complex piece on track 32 as a goodbye to the station's morning man who left for a new gig.

1. [ADV] Guy Harris – +44 7973-350-178, www.voiceoverguy.co.uk, guy[at]voiceoverguy.co.uk or SKYPE voiceoverguyuk
2. [ADV] InsomniaFX Demo – 877-435-3767, www.insomniafx.com, Houston, Texas
3. Sampler from Lowell Christensen, SpotWorks, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, spotworks[at]radiocreative.com
4. Production 212 Audio ("Produce Dave Foxx!") – Dave Foxx, Z100, New York, NY, davefoxx[at]clearchannel.com
5. Palabras Language School/Let's Talk, Steve Thompson, Kool-FM, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, sthompson[at]koolfm.com
6. Dundee Developments/Harbour Landing, Celeste Grebinski, Harvard Broadcasting, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, celesteg[at]harvardbroadcasting.com
7. Best Regard/Buxton Wallets, Cooper Fox, Magic 104, Conway, New Hampshire, fox893[at]yahoo.com
8. Border Bowl/Open Bowling, Daniel Shandroski, 106.1 The Goat, Lloydminster, Alberta, Canada, dan[at]borderrock.com
9. Vespa KW/Touring Tuscany, Mike Vuckovich, Kool-FM, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, mvuckovich[at]koolfm.com
10. City Locksmith/Residential, Robin J. Egerton, The Goat/CKLM-FM, Lloydminster, Alberta, Canada, robin[at]borderrock.com
11. Underground Paintball, Steve Franzman, sfranzman[at]zrgmail.com
12. Instant Bedrooms, Seann Shaffer, Rogers Radio, Vancouver, BC, Canada, seann.shaffer[at]vancouverradio.rogers.com
13. Swimmin' Hole, Jerry Long, (Formerly at Zimmer Radio, Joplin, Missouri)
14. The Blarney Stone, Jay Thomas, Maverick Media, Lima, Ohio, thomas[at]boulavardentertainment.net
15. Sunnybrook/Dusty, Scott Walker, Clear Channel, Roanoke/Lynchburg, Virginia, scottwalker[at]clearchannel.com
16. G-Rocktoberfest, Chadd Pierce, Krash Creative Solutions, Raleigh, North Carolina, chadd[at]krashcreativesolutions.com
17. Freedom Jam 2008, Al B. Love, Sheridan Broadcasting, Atlanta, Georgia, AlBLove[at]sgnthelight.com
18. Kenny Chesney Fan Jam Road Trip, Bill Jackson, Jim Pattison Broadcast Group, Vancouver, BC, Canada, bjackson[at]jrfm.com
19. Broad Squad Takeover, Dave Cockram, Rogers Radio, Vancouver, BC, Canada, dave.cockram[at]vancouverradio.rogers.com
20. KNDK Coaches Corner/What Did He Say, Dave Golterman, Simmons Broadcasting, Langdon, North Dakota, voiceoverpro[at]gmail.com
21. Artist Branded Song Intros, James Stodd, Capital Radio, London, England, James.Stodd[at]CapitalRadio.com
22. Jack FM Cats Promo, Jesse Simon, Rogers Radio, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Jesse.Simon[at]rci.rogers.com
23. Klub VIP/Mediterranean, Lindsay Johnson, Primedia Broadcasting, Johannesburg, South Africa, lindsayj[at]primedia.co.za
24. Find the Fugitive 2, Brendan O Driscoll, Corks 96 & 103FM, Ireland, brendan[at]96fm.ie
25. UT Basketball/Arkansas, Eric Bohlen, Citadel Broadcasting, Knoxville, Tennessee, eric.bohlen[at]citcomm.com
26. Kiss Club Cash, Jeff Berlin, Jeff Berlin Creative, Boston, Massachusettes, jeff.berlin[at]compast.net
27. KS 95 Summer Solstice, Jon Carter, www.megahertzstudios.com, jc[at]megahertzstudios.com
28. Antifreeze for your Mind, David Magro, Astral Media Radio, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, dmagro[at]radio.astral.com
29. Meatloaf Breakfast, Ian Fish, 100.7 Heart FM, The Midlands, United Kingdom, ian.fish[at]thisisglobal.com
30. Halloween Ear Candy, Greg Williams, The Lighthouse Group, lighthouseprod[at]comcast.net
31. Gas Prices Parody, Brad Lane, KSTP-AM, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Blane[at]am1500.com
32. So Long Rich!, Scott Walker, Clear Channel, Roanoke/Lynchburg, Virginia, scottwalker[at]clearchannel.com