R.A.P. Interview: Ron Tarrant, Imaging Producer, Kiss 92.5, Toronto, Ontario

Ron-Tarrant-Main-Pic-1-Ron-Studio 150

by Jerry Vigil

Even after 24 years of RAP Awards, you can still count on one hand the number of people that have picked up two trophies in the same competition. Ron Tarrant is the latest. Barely 6 years into his young radio career, Ron has moved quickly from the halls of the radio program at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in Calgary to Imaging Producer at Rogers’ Kiss 92.5 in Toronto. This month’s RAP Interview picks things up at the beginning for Ron as he outlines his career path -- including his career in music -- gives us the inside scoop on his winning Promo and Feature Production, and offers up some tips you can use in the studio today. We get some awesome audio for the CD from Ron, and a special treat at the end of the CD, one of Ron’s latest songs!

Production 212: Get The Beans Out Of Your Ears

by Dave Foxx

This month, we get back to 5 simple things that will make your job simpler. To be honest, some of this stuff is SO basic, you’ll wonder why I’m writing about it, but you’d be very surprised to learn how many people DON’T think about these things. So just think about these tips as being gentle reminders. I know most of it is just common sense.

Technology: Build a Website on Your Computer - Part 2

by Steve Cunningham

Last month’s article described how to set up what’s known as a localhost server on your personal laptop or desktop computer (see the June 2014 issue of RAP), allowing you to build a website without first renting space on a server and uploading that site to the public internet. We installed a “stack” of software to run the server, and we installed a copy of WordPress with which to build a site. So far, so good. ...what follows is the basics you’ll need to know to get started.

Radio Hed: Structuring Problem-Solution Commercials

by Jeffrey Hedquist

Problem/solution commercials work, IF they’re structured properly. They won’t work if the problem doesn’t seem real. The order in which we build our spot is important. Remember, you’re speaking to an over-communicated audience skeptical of all offers, ads and entreaties. To reach them we must build trust.

“...And Make It Real Creative!”: You Won’t Feel a Thing: The Cost of Misinterpretation

by Trent Rentsch

It’s not that I’m afraid of going to the dentist, mind you. I only ask for gas because I don’t like pain. Sure, you may be of more rugged stock, but as far as I’m concerned, that 98 pound Hygienist has the capacity to inflict more pain with a roll of floss than an army of ninjas with a mile of barbed wire.

The Monday Morning Memo: The Upcoming Fork in Business Boulevard

by Roy H. Williams

Type “business plan” into Google and you’ll see an impressive array of articles from BusinessWeek, The Wall Street Journal, Inc., Forbes, Entrepreneur and SBA.gov. Everyone has a business plan. Almost no one has an advertising plan. And we are coming to a critical fork in the road.

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