Q It Up: If you became a Program Director tomorrow, would you bring anything new to station imaging?

Q It Up: This question is for Imaging Producers: If you became a Program Director tomorrow, would you bring anything new to station imaging? What would you have your Imaging Producer do differently from what you’ve done over the years, or from what you’ve heard from various stations over the years?

Production 212: 5 Simple Things for Simple Minds Like Mine

by Dave Foxx

Instead of trying to instruct you on one single, monumental, arcane, “how-to-do-it” subject in this space, I’m scaling things back a bit for the next few months. Simple solutions to little problems we all deal with every day will be the topics I’ll write about. If something really big pops up, I’ll change gears, but I think this kind of column will be far more useful to more people. Even grizzled veterans will find a few nuggets here, I think.

Test Drive: iZotope’s Nectar 2 Production Suite

by Steve Cunningham

The popularity of all-in-one plug-ins continues to increase, as more manufacturers repackage and re-skin what they previously sold as individual plug-ins into a single product. Many simply toss some marketing-speak on the “new” creation to give it a unique profile, and then sell the daylights out of it for very specific applications. Unfortunately many of these have little to recommend them, save the fact that the resulting combo product actually costs less than if one bought the individual plug-ins that comprise it. However, some of the manufacturers do get it right by combining complimentary, customized components into a single combo plug that makes proper sense for its proposed application.

Final Countdown

By Michael R. Lee, Ph.D.

This is a sad, frustrating story about people who wouldn’t adapt to a changing world. Like many dramas, it has its share of incompetence, greed and opportunities lost. Amid incontrovertible evidence that radio is losing both listeners and time spent listening to virtually every other audio/visual medium in the world, rumors abound that the most sacrosanct of all listening environments, forever the exclusive province of AM/FM and now satellite, the automobile may become competitive in the not-too-distant future.

Radio Hed: Stop The “I Should Hope So” Responses to Your Commercials

by Jeffrey Hedquist

Time is money. Whether your client is paying $10 per spot or $1500 per spot, every second is precious and should be spent enticing, convincing, seducing members of your audience to pay attention and consider giving your client… money. Clients have a tendency to waste precious seconds telling your audience something that should be obvious. Don’t let them.

The Monday Morning Memo: Magical Realism in Advertising

by Roy H. Williams

Fantasy and Science Fiction are alike in that each requires the creation of a complete new world. Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, The Avengers and Planet of the Apes each occupies its own imaginary universe. Fantasy and Sci-Fi are great for entertainment but not so great for selling most products and services.

“...And Make It Real Creative!”: The Sound of Art

by Trent Rentsch

My friend, the “real” artist (the guy who has had 10 paintings for sale for the last 7 years at a local coffee house), has been giving me crap for years over my insistence that Audio Production is an art form. He assures me that “real art” comes from hours of hard work… from connecting with “the muse deep in your soul,” displaying your emotions and blood and guts across a canvas, for all the world to see.

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