Interview: CJ Goodearl, CJ Goodearl Voiceovers, iHeartMedia, Orlando, Florida

by Jerry Vigil

We bumped into CJ Goodearl in RAP’s recently launched Facebook Group (www.facebook.com/groups/radioprodgroup) and realized we were long overdue for a revisit. It’s been 14 years since our last check-in with CJ, who is still holding things down at iHeartMedia in Orlando, at a bigger cluster of nine stations now, with considerably less help than he had 14 years ago. On top of that, he’s managed to get a VO career well off the ground while keeping the radio station’s appetite for quality commercials under control. Some of CJ’s VO clients include The Travel Channel, Bacardi, Samsonite, Chevrolet, Snap On Tools, McDonald’s, Las Vegas Tourism, University of Maryland, and various car dealerships and credit unions throughout the fruited plains, to mention a few. We find out how he manages this juggling act, and we get some great insight into how you can get your VO career off the ground. Be sure to check out the R.A.P. CD for a couple of VO demos from CJ.

The Producer's VU: “Bear - Tee Off With Jess Promo” from Gary McClenaghan, Bell Media, Edmonton, AB, Canada

by John Pallarino

This month we’re taking a trip to Bell Media Edmonton where Gary McClenaghan has been the Imaging Director for two years. I really like the concept of having an ‘Imaging Director’; it is an important role a radio group should have. Why? Because it lets creative types such as Gary focus on doing what he does best and that’s branding his stations. Gary is also a freelance Imaging Director for Benztown Branding. He’s a studio geek like the rest of us and uses the age old art of ‘Theatre of the Mind’ in his work, which you are starting to hear less of these days. Maybe it’s because we are all wearing so many hats and just don’t have the time to write and produce pieces that require much thought and creativity. Thank goodness that’s not the case at Bell Media where Gary likes to sit back in his office-apartment-studio and come up with funny ways to promote a Golf outing.

Production 212: The Minimum Wage

by Dave Foxx

OK, don’t check the cover to see if you picked up the wrong magazine. This isn’t a pitch to keep kids going to High School or even college, although those are both a great start. This is a plea to anyone chasing a career in creative production to continue your education in the school of life. You need to attend the College of Knowledge… every day.

Radio Hed: Build Your Commercial Campaign as a Continuing Story

by Jeffrey Hedquist

What kind of story would capture the interest of your advertiser’s audience? A twisted fairy tale? An outdoor adventure? An unexpected business case study? A mysterious love story?

Q It Up: What libraries and/or services do you use for imaging?

R.A.P.'s Q It Up panel answers this question: What libraries and/or services do you use for imaging? What format(s) do you image? Which library is your number one “go to” library? What do you like most about the services or libraries you use? Any dislikes? Is there anything you’d like to see added or changed?

Selling the Creative

by Deborah Hopkins

Let’s talk about the “R” word. If you’re a radio writer or producer, you know what I mean; the dreaded “R” word is - REVISION. Revisions can make perfectly sane writers bang their heads on their desks inconsolably, and transform an otherwise reasonable producer into a grizzly bear.

"...And Make It Real Creative!": Carol of the Bug

by Trent Rentsch

As an early holiday gift to myself, I’m re-doing my home studio space/man cave (yes, I freely admit that there are options for recreation. You know, all work and no play…). New desk, new rack mount unit, fresh sound proofing, guitar holders on the walls, triple monitors with a matrix switcher for multiple video inputs (Overkill? Did you miss the part about “man cave?). It’s the space I’ve been talking about having for a long time, but for one reason or another have never gotten around to making a reality. As I type this, there’s still a lot of work to be done, but it’s well enough along that it was great to walk in, flip a switch, and have everything light up, ready to start writing… until I saw the monster in the corner.

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