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Each of us has a dream that threads through our lives. Often it’s a secret dream – maybe impractical or unattainable. We often are not even consciously aware of it, but our actions are motivated by a desire to achieve it.

In actors’ training, one of the ways to prepare for a scene is to ask our self, “What is my character’s dream, and what can I do to make this dream come true today?”

That’s the same question we should be asking about our client’s customer.

An actor will find clues about his character’s dream in the script. We need to find clues about the customer’s dream in who they are, what they wear, how they spend their time – all clues to their big dream. What objects, situations, concepts or ideals does that customer identify with? That will help us identify their dream, in which they finally become a part of what they long for.

If you can tell a story to that potential customer which leads them to their ideal life – the fulfillment of their dream, then you have transcended just extolling the benefits of a product or service.

The story that taps into their dream tells them they can feel safer when your home security system is installed, that they’ll taste rebellious freedom when they’re riding that motorcycle, that they’re the ideal parent they strive to be when they download this educational program for their child.

Find ways for them to get closer to their dream. It doesn’t have to be the ultimate fulfillment of the dream; it can be to bring them one step closer to it.  Someone who feels their life is chaotic and out of control might be delighted if you can show her a way to declutter and organize her closet. A potential customer who dreams of being loved and accepted might want to join a hobby group, where the members share a common interest. A husband with two kids and a corporate job who dreams about being a rock star would love to own a Les Paul Custom.

Go ahead; pick one of your clients. Ask yourself, “What would his or her typical customer’s dream be? How would that customer arrange their life if they were in charge, and what would they like to get from my client in order to get closer to that reality?

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