Radio-Hed-Logo-2By Jeffrey Hedquist

If you know your client, know his reputation with listeners, understand the market, the economy, the demographics and psychographics of his audience, then you can pretty much guess what those listeners are thinking… and often it’s to not respond to your client’s entreaties.

When you tell that audience directly what they’re thinking, you get their attention. You’ve established a bond, maybe even shocked or surprised them with what you know.

Say the unexpected.

“Look, I know you’ve had it up to here with car dealers yelling at you to come in and save big NOW. You - you’re not ready to buy a car now, at any price. I know that. But at some point you will be ready, and when you are, consider coming to Honest Betty’s Auto Sales, where you’ll be treated with respect and rewarded for all your online research…”

“You have never donated blood. I don’t know exactly why. Maybe you thought it would be painful, or that it would take too long, or it would just be inconvenient. Or maybe you figured that someone else would give. The Blood Center will meet their quota without you. And that may be true. Lots of regular donors help out at this time of year. But someday, you or someone you love may need blood, and you’ll get it, whether or not you’ve ever donated in your life. So what’s the big deal? No big deal, but there’s a special feeling you get when you give blood. Ask a donor. Maybe even think about becoming one…”

“You’re hungry and you’re on your way to your “usual place.” The food is good, cheap and fast.  You’ve thought about going to The Family Diner, ‘cause you’ve heard about it from people who’ve been there, but… not today. Some day when one of your friends suggests meeting there for lunch, you may find that The Family Diner has become your new “usual place.” But not today. Unless you wanted to turn your car in the direction of 2nd Street… across from the Post Office…”

Do I know this technique will work? The writers I’ve coached and I have used it successfully with clients across the country.

Let your audience know that you know what they’re thinking, and tempt them, no, empower them to come to a conclusion that will benefit them and your client.

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