from Chris Mottes at Hindenburg Systems

Memory use: “As always, more is more, particularly where RAM is concerned, and Journalist Pro does a great deal of its work in RAM.”

Hindenburg Journalist does work in RAM but seldom needs more than 100 MB of RAM. 2 GB in the machine should be more than enough for even large projects, depending of course on what else is running on the machine at the same time. Most of the work is done in memory mapped files on the hard disk, thus utilizing the cache system of the OS and reducing the risk of any memory-related limitations or crashes.

Auto-recover and backup comments:

“As with any audio program, Saving a work in progress, even before recording the first track, is vital.”

Saving is not that vital in Hindenburg, even though it is always a good precaution with all software. We have created a very stable and reliable auto-recovery system, which backs up every minute, even in projects that have never been saved. This won’t happen while a recording is in progress as there is a small chance that this may disturb the recording. When an “unsaved” project is saved by the user, it will copy (or hardlink) the auto-recover recorded files to their final location.

“On the other hand, I threw a six- page, single spaced script at it to see if it could handle a serious, long-form piece without dying on me. It didn’t, although I saved religiously through- out and yes, you can save while recording, a good idea in any circumstance.”

It clearly never hurts to save, but even if you did not save and the application crashed, it should be able to recover your recording anyways (Audio is always recorded directly to disk; the save process only stores the session file).

Built-in EQ:

“Also included is a three band EQ with fixed frequencies at about 120Hz, 1kHz, and 10kHz”

It is possible to alter the center frequencies using the mouse and the Q of the filters using shift + mouse.


Voice Profiler: “It’s supposed to give you the same sound every time, although when I tried it the difference was so subtle that I could barely hear the change.”

Judging from the screenshot of the voice profiler you seem to have a nice “radio voice” and a good microphone so there was not much correction to be done. :). Our experience is that some journalists’ voice’s swing quite a lot from day-to-day and they get more out of our Voice Profiler than others.

RE-enter bug:

“You may find, as I did, that you have to re-enter the serial number each time you start the program, but this is a minor inconvenience.”

That was actually a bug that got fixed fast once we got wind of it. All gone in version 1.11. ;).

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