Radio-Hed-Logo-2By Jeffrey Hedquist

We all know that if we need to include the location of the advertiser in their commercial (it often isn’t necessary) then doing it “colloquially” is more effective than giving the street number.

For instance, instead of 3972 Minnetonka Boulevard, use something that listeners will actually remember like just South of the Post Office, on the East side of the Square, by the statue of the Unknown Duck Hunter, or… across from McDonald’s.

Oops. What was that last one? I’ve had clients reject any reference to this well-known landmark. The reason? “Well I’m not going to help advertise McDonald’s (substitute any other big name advertiser here)!

Yes, you may be helping bring a little more business to McDonalds, but the advantage of using their restaurant as a locator is mostly your client’s.

Why do you think fast food restaurants group themselves geographically? Traffic.

Take advantage of the traffic that’s already going to McDonalds. Divert a little of it to your client. If you can get your client to stop worrying about contributing to one location of a billion dollar franchise’s bottom line, they’ll start adding to their own.

“Going to McDonald’s this Saturday? Bring the family. Stop by Pet Emporium. We’re right across the street.”

Get crazy. Offer a McDonald’s gift certificate for visiting and taking a turtle for a test drive. See if you can get McDonald’s to do an affiliate promotion, giving out discount coupons for Pet Emporium with a purchase.

If your client is located near another well-known local business, then there is an even better chance of doing some affiliate marketing. You may even get two clients on the air for your efforts.

Get the McVantage. Let McDonald’s (or another traffic –generating business) help super size your client’s business.

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