Radio-Hed-Logo-2By Jeffrey Hedquist

We once created a radio commercial that aired in New York City -- to reach one person -- a certain media buyer. Yes, it was an extremely high cost per thousand buy, but it worked. The dollars that went into the radio schedule and creation of the spot got the results we wanted which justified the investment. As an added benefit, it not only motivated that media buyer to respond, but also got the attention of several others.

That may be an extreme example, but don’t be afraid to limit your audience. I know, it seems to be counterintuitive – don’t you want the largest possible response for your client? Sometimes you can increase response by not being for everybody.

Remember, radio is the one to one medium, so don’t just talk to the prospects you want to respond, make it clear who you want. Tell ‘em why you only are accepting 20 people on the cruise, into the course, class or club. Talk about the requirements, the qualifying interview, and the application that must be filled out. Exclusivity can be a magnet for the right customers.

Here are some phrases to qualify your audience: “You must make a reservation. This is not for everyone. Apply only if you’re willing to put in the effort, are serious about sticking with the program, willing to follow the regimen, a qualified investor, someone who appreciates fine wine, are an audio/art connoisseur, appreciate vintage motorcars, have 3 nights available each week for 4 weeks, are an experienced fly fisherman, have scuba diving experience, are a licensed pilot.”

You are inviting a select few into a club, organization, tribe, village or preferred list. The story you tell about the offer, product or service must be enticing enough to make listeners to want to qualify.

We included the following in a recruitment commercial:

“Right now, you are one of thousands of people listening to my voice. A few hundred of you have the skills to start your own business. Only about a dozen of you have the desire it takes…

Music: Out

“…and five of you are the exceptional people we want to meet.”

It got great results for our client.

In some cases it might make sense for your client to have introductory courses or alternate offers ready for the people who respond but don’t qualify for the exclusive one promoted in the campaign.

Narrow your focus and the group you want will feel elevated, singled out and exclusive. They’re the ones who want to mingle with, network with other “chosen” people. They’re also the ones who will tell others like them about you.

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