RAP-CD-logo-22005 RAP Awards - Best of the Rest Part 2

Welcome to the May 2005 RAP CD. We get started with a demo from this months interview subject, double RAP Award winner, Stewart Byars. The two winning promos Stewart talks about in the interview are tracks 28 and 29 on the March 2005 RAP CD if you want to refresh your memory. The rest of this months CD features the 15th Annual RAP Awards "Best of the Rest" Part 2. Small Market Commercials are on tracks 1 through 10. Medium Market Commercials are on tracks 11 through 18, and Large Market Commercials wrap it up on tracks 19 through 25. Congratulations once again to all who made it to the Best of the Rest! Many of these commercials were only a fraction of a point from making it to the finals!

1. Demo from Stewart Byars, WCMT/WCDZ, Martin, Tennessee
2. Busy Man Ryan Patrick, Mississippi River Radio, Carterville, Illinois
3. Shakespeare's Pizza/Guys Getting Married Next Year Day Timothy Miles, Zimmer Radio Group, Columbia, Missouri
4. Suzannes Natural Foods/Seven Dwarfs Jason Skaggs, Zimmer Radio Group, Joplin, Missouri
5. O'Sullivan/Rat Pack Jason Skaggs, Zimmer Radio Group, Joplin, Missouri
6. Necropolis Haunted House Guy Forrest, WBTU, Fort Wayne, Indiana
7. Proper Etiquette of the Game of Golf Carl Magnuson, Leighton Broadcasting, St. Cloud, Minnesota
8. Plan B Bryan Young, River Radio, Cape Girardeau, Missouri
9. Roper Kia/Fake of the Hill Jason Skaggs, Zimmer Radio Group, Joplin, Missouri
10. Call the Script Writer Kurt S. Kaniewski, Cumulus Radio, Macon, Georgia
11. T&T Honda/Sound Test Drive Ryan Stockert, Vibe 98.5, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
12. Naomi 4 Terry Webb, SAFM/MMM, Adelaide, Australia
13. Adult Source Video/Anatomy of Marriage Marvyn Timog, CJAY92, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
14. Mnage Trois Angie Beers, CJAY/CIBK, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
15. Bob the Jeweler/Laid in Translation Rob Vavrek, Standard Radio, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
16. Pussy Cat! Pussy Cat! Ricardo Gonzalez, Infinity Broadcasting, Austin, Texas
17. XTC Adult Superstore/Porn Star Call C.J. Goodearl, WJRR-FM, Orlando, Florida
18. Feed Me Michael Farley, WRNS/WERO, Greenville, North Carolina
19. Big Kahuna/Cheaters Yaman Coskun, Clear Channel Radio, Washington, D.C.
20. Big Kahuna/Badabing Yaman Coskun, Clear Channel Radio, Washington, D.C.
21. Jim Ellis Mazda/Test Drive Justice Steve Cook, WCNN, Atlanta, Georgia
22. The Commitment Zone Lee Rugen, Moody Broadcasting, Chicago, Illinois
23. Masters Home Improvement/Harry Dion Clark, WHMI, Detroit, Michigan
24. Golden Nugget/Mick Kevin Gunn, WMMR, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
25. Town & Country Animal Hospital/The Sock Dion Clark, WHMI, Detroit, Michigan

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