Featured on this month's Cassette is work from Brian Wilson, Production Director at Pirate Radio and subject of this month's RAP Interview. There are some heavyweight voices on Brian's promos. The talents are listed below.

Also, Joel Moss of WEBN makes another appearance on The Cassette with a great promo (cut 5) and a spot from a recent "Fools Day Parade" on the commercial side (cut 11). (Avid Lena Horne fans may want to skip past the commercial from Joel.) John Keith of V103 was nice enough to respond to our plea for "news" promos with a couple of well done cuts for V103 News, and Dave Williams of Mid-Ocean Recording submits a great campaign for Bonzinni's Restaurant. On The Cassette are just 2 of several spots done for the campaign with this theme.

And finally, at the end of the commercial side is the audio version of this month's Test Drive on the Alesis Quadraverb.


Cut 1 - Composite of various promos from Brian Wilson. There are 16 different cuts in the composite. The voices are: Gary Gears--Cut 1; Mitch Craig--
Cut 2 - "Star Trek" from Eric Chase/Power 104, Houston
Cut 3 - "4th of July" from Bumper Morgan/Y-107, Nashville
Cut 4 - "Winner Stickers" from Pete Jensen/KZZU-FM, Spokane
Cut 5 - "WEBN Spring Shirts" from Joel Moss/WEBN, Cincinnati
Cuts 6 - "V103 News" from John Keith/V103, Chicago
Cut 7 - "Batman" from Kevin Casey/Magic 102.1, San Diego
Cut 8 - "New Music" from Rick Allen/Hot 97FM, New York
Cut 9 - "Free Album Race Weekend" from Eric Gordon/WZOU-FM, Boston
Cut 10 - "Listener Appreciation" from D.J. Helriggle/M-106, New Lexington, OH

Side B: SPOTS & Test Drive

Cut 1 - "Carzzz" from Larry Whitt/Power 104, Houston
Cut 2 - "Frogs T-Shirts" from Joel Moss/WEBN-FM, Cincinnati
Cut 3 - "Stoll & Clemmons Carpet" from Ken Dixon/BJ-105, Orlando
Cut 4 - "The Outfitter" from Thomas Pluister/106-KHQ, Charlevoix, MI
Cut 5 - "Hayward Nissan" from Gary Moore/X100, San Francisco
Cut 6 - "Duran Duran" from Keith Eubanks/Power 99, Atlanta
Cut 7 - "Tarri's Frozen Custard" from Ed Brown/KSHE-FM, St. Louis
Cut 8 - "Island Water Systems" from Jim Wright & Joel Bolton/WIZN, Burlington
Cut 9 - "Cafe Piscatelli" from Ed Bostic/WHLO-AM, Akron
Cuts 10 - "Bonzinni's Rest." from Dave Williams/Mid-Ocean Recording, Winnipeg
Cut 11 - "Quality Performer" from Joel Moss/WEBN, Cincinnati
Cut 12 - The Alesis Quadraverb Test Drive - almost all 90 factory programs are stepped through to give you an idea of what the machine can do. Note the various uses of the EQ section in several of the programs.

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