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Sometimes just knowing more about the people you want to attract will help you write for them. The more you know, the more accurately you can create commercials that will resonate with what’s going on in their lives.

You can find out what’s on the minds of any group by using one of the hundreds of search engines and simply typing in: what do _______ do? Like? Hate? (What are) _______ thinking? The most productive one may be (What are) _______ feeling? Remember, it’s feelings that will establish the emotional connection for your client.

No matter how familiar you are with the potential audience for the advertiser, you can always learn something. In the first few results you’ll find articles, data, studies, insights, stories about the wants, needs desires of your audience. You’ll find out about their pain, obstacles, aspirations and victories… they’re all there.

I just searched for “What are single moms feeling? I got 471,000 results. In the first 10, there were dozens of stories about resources, parenting, finances, housing, career juggling, child support, alliances and many other topics, which would give you multiple campaigns that would speak to the hearts of single moms.

Try searching for the car buyers, dieters, cell phone users or remodelers that you want to bring to your client. The more specific your search request, the better.

What are left handed Hispanic teen guitarists feeling? Google gave me 614 results. While you may have to go deeper than the first 10 results for material to build a spot, you could find just what you need for a Miami music store that has a special on left-handed Fender Strats.

This technique may not work for everybody. The results I got for “What are lawyers feeling?” were too scary to read.

Once you know what’s true for them, what’s real, what they’re feeling, you can write for them. To connect better with listeners, describe what they’re already thinking and feeling.

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