Radio-Hed-Logo-2By Jeffrey Hedquist

They say that narrowcasting is the future of advertising. How narrow? What if you could personalize a commercial for each member of your audience? Well, we may not be there yet, but radio can do the next best thing. First you can target your audience by format and day part, and then you can help each listener make the commercial message their own.

How? Create opportunities for them to co-create from their own memories and experiences. Say what the listener is already thinking or saying to himself or herself.

For a furniture retailer, home remodeler, interior decorator, carpet, drapery, or lighting installer, ask your audience to “Picture the room of your dreams.” Now with the participation of their imagination, show them how the advertiser can complete that picture.

For a service advertiser “What do you hate most about banking (or computer help lines, or restaurants, or cell phone calling plans)?” “We hear you, and here’s what we’ve done to eliminate it.”

“Wouldn’t you like to have home delivery of food that wasn’t pizza?”

“Don’t you hate it when car salespeople try to trick you?”

”Isn’t it aggravating when you pay more in late fees than the original video rentals?”

”Why is it that whatever you bought breaks down the day after the warranty runs out?”

“Aren’t you tired of trying to meet someone special in a noisy bar?”

The more you can make it their commercial, their story, and their message, the closer you get to a one-to-one conversation, which is the most effective communication.

Get to know your audience. Who are you talking to? What’s going on in their lives? How can you get your commercial to trigger those emotional cues?

If you can accurately mirror their thoughts or attitudes you’ll gain their confidence that what you have to say will be relevant to them. Then you’ll have a much better chance of them accepting your invitation to a solution from your client.

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