A Memo for a Tightly Compactified Monday Morning When You’re Probably Too Busy to Read It.

By Roy H. Williams

Ever notice how easily you spend money during the weekends or when you’re on vacation? Carpe Diem. Enjoy the moment. Your fantasy life won’t be over until you get back to the Office on Monday morning.

Actually, that’s not true. Your fantasy life will be over the minute you begin reviewing your grocery list of responsibilities, a thing you’ll likely put off until that moment when the alarm clock barks your name and you begin sorting priorities for the day ahead. Beep! Beep! Beep! Leisure-World fades into invisibility. Now you’re in Busy-ness World.

Are weekday mornings the best time to talk to your customer about buying your product or service? If you sell copy machines or telephone systems or other busy-ness products, the answer may be a resounding yes. But what about engagement rings and oriental rugs? When would be the best time to talk to the customer about these items?

Are your thoughts the same when you’re driving to work as they are when you’re driving home? Do you watch morning news shows on television in the same frame of mind that you watch the evening news shows?

Is your customer any different?

In the game of persuasion, it is your message that will ultimately determine your success, but good timing can certainly accelerate it. So be sensitive to Frame of Mind. When speaking to your mate, your friend, your boss, your employee or a potential customer, what you say is what’s most important.

 But when you say it can be very important, too.


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