letters-logo-oct95In Radio And Production, Vol. 14, #5, pg. 21 [Guidelines for Commercial Delivery via MP3], R. Stroobant writes: “5. The biggest downfall of using emails instead of a courier (digital or otherwise) is there’s no real way to confirm that the spot was, in fact received at the station...”

Just FYI: in Microsoft Express, when composing a new message, check the “TOOLS” menu for the option: ‘request read receipt.” In Netscape Communicator, when composing a new message, look under the “VIEW” menu for “OPTIONS” or just click the little icon right below the “attachment” paperclip, and you’ll see a box labeled “return receipt.”

Using this tool will cause an email receipt to automatically be sent back to you when the recipient opens the email at their end, so you know they got it. Just a little CYA trick I learned from my girlfriend, a corporate executive secretary. Our company has several stations in different markets who all trade production back and forth by emailed MP3s, and it’s one of the handiest little tools you could ask for. It also keeps people from using “we never got that” as an excuse :)

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