letters-logo-oct95Great article on the Voice-over biz by Tom Richards in your last mag, and the bit on Production Director salaries was sadly right on the mark! I’m sure I speak for many prod people when I say, If I wasn’t having so much fun I’d get a job at Wally World where I could at least make a living, lol! What’s the difference between a large pizza and a Production Director? The pizza can feed a family of four! Jeez............

Keep up the good work! Peace! Tunes!

Terry “tunes” Miller
Operations Manager
Seward County Broadcasting
Company, Inc.

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June 01, 1999 3124
Mark Driscoll, Mark Driscoll Productions, Hollywood, California by Jerry Vigil Like many, Mark Driscoll started his broadcast career as a teenager. He got his first critique from the great Gordon McLendon over thirty years ago....